DIY Tips for Fixing A Split Rail Fence

Brighton fencing repair

Split rail fences are very durable and long lasting, but they are not infallible. Occasionally, pieces must be replaced. Fixing a split rail fence requires replacing the rail. You can either have expert Brighton fencing professionals complete repairs, or you can follow the tips below.

First, you have to dig out a post and the vegetation close to it, so you can put in the new rail.  For this operation, you will need a shovel or a posthole digger. Dig carefully and remove the post, then enlarge the hole a bit. It you did not do it already, use a chainsaw and cut a new post to match; use the measurements of the previous one.

Once you insert the new post in the hole, attach the rails, put pack the earth and compact it firmly. The next step is to ensure that the post is perfectly vertical. You can do this by using a 4-foot level.

Stretch a nylon string between the post you have just inserted and nearest existing fence post and use it to center the rail between the two posts. Insert rails into both sides of the post.

If necessary, re-plant the vegetation that had to be removed earlier.