Celebrating Summer in Arvada

summer celebrations
The city of Arvada celebrated the Fourth of July since 1979. The traditional celebration consists in a truly spectacular fireworks show, organized at the Stenger Sports Complex.
Fireworks are the core of this holiday and the show starts around 9 p.m. Those who arrive sooner can get free-parking, which is offered on the first-served basis. People can only bring propane grills, but no alcohol, pets or personal fireworks will be allowed. The celebration includes fun activities for everyone: family activities, games, live music, a military display and, of course, great food.
If you want more public entertainment, you can choose to take a road trip to Denver. The Mile-High City has a huge list of all kind of events scheduled for the summer.
Besides the public celebration, people in Arvada also have the opportunity to celebrate on their own. A picnic in the back yard with friends or family is always a great idea, but not before you decorate your house and garden according to this festive date. Making of decorations can be a family-fun activity.
Another alternative is to spend a great time with close people at one of the Arvada`s restaurants; some of them even have BBQ menus for the summer months.
However you spend your summer, have fun, be safe, and call us, a premier Arvada fence company for all your home improvement fence repairs or installations.

Tips for Dog-Proofing Your Fence

pet friendly fences
Fences have multiple functions, which makes them indispensable, in most of the cases: they provide protection, privacy, being like a border that keeps in what must be kept in and keeps out what must not get in.
However, when you have a dog, it might be a bit difficult to keep him in, even if you have a fence. Dogs are very good at jumping over fences (even tall fences!), or dig under them, so you might need to consider some methods for dog proofing your fence.
There are fences that have different features and are made from various materials: decorative fences, protection fences, wood fences, metal fences, vinyl fences etc. However, no matter which type of fence you have or choose, your dog might find a way to get past it. Therefore, you might want to consider one of these alternatives.
• If your existing pet proof chain link fence in Denver allows your dog to see on the other side that might make him react and want to reach them, use things like reed fencing, bamboo fencing or zip-tying rolls to block his view. They are very aesthetic and affordable.
• Landscaping is another great solution to use when you want to keep your dog in. Dense shrubs planted along the fence line will provide the needed protection.
• For dogs who like to dig, an L-Footer or a concrete footer are great solutions; on the other hand, if you have a jumper, try installing coyote rollers or lean-ins.

What Types of Businesses Require Fences?

Whatever the type of your business, it surely requires at least a small fence for making your company premises attractive and secure as well. The role of the fences installed around business properties is the same as the role of the fences around family homes and just like family homes, all businesses use them.

security fencing
Fences are very important for small and large businesses, for businesses that store large inventories of products or work with expensive equipment as well as for small companies that operate in the service industry, but want to protect their headquarters and their business fleets against intruders.
The type of the fences chosen by a business depends on the type of business activity of the company, but all business fences need to be attractive and made with the highest quality standards in mind. Consult high security fence installation Denver professionals if the fence around the property needs to serve security purposes. Whether a fence is installed to make the premises look more attractive and more organized, the components of the fence need to be flawlessly crafted, installed and maintained to perform well.
Metal fences are the most common choice of material for businesses that need security, while wood is the preferred choice of companies that focus on attractive design, but both fence types need to be regularly inspected and properly maintained to preserve the curb appeal and the safety offered.