DIY Fence Replacements Gone Wrong

Fencing around your home is no small task and if you don’t have sufficient experience with DIY projects, you can easily make mistakes, too – here are some mistakes that you should avoid:
– Posts that are incorrectly spaced – many homeowners deciding to save a few bucks by leaving longer distance between fence posts regretted their decision later. Longer space between the posts makes the fence weaker, more vulnerable to harsh winds and other types of extreme weather and it is makes it easier for animals to escape;
– Improperly fastened corner posts – another costly mistake that weakens your fence;
– Bumping into unexpected underground utilities – not checking the area where you will build your new fence for buried utilities is a costly and dangerous mistake, even if the posts of the new fence will go into the place from which the old ones have been removed. Underground utilities can be found at any depth, some of them right underneath the surface, so make sure you check the ground for cables and pipes before you start any fencing work;
– Disregarding property limits – mounting your new fence on the property of your neighbor is a huge mistake and you will probably made to remove it and rebuild it on your own property.
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Money-Saving Tips for Your Fence Replacement

cost effective fencing

No matter what material you are planning to use for your new fence, fence replacement is not a cheap project, especially if the fence is installed by a team of professionals. However, there is no reason why you could not save some money designing and installing your own fence – here are some ways to reduce the costs with a DIY fence:
– Choose an economical fence type for the backyard – if you need to install a fence around an area that is not directly visible from the outside, such as the backyard, use cheap fencing solutions, like a 4-rail horse fence or a chain-link fence that don’t cost much and can be easily built from scratch;
– Calculate the size right – installing a fence that is too tall is a waste of money and energy and a fence that is too short is also useless and a waste of money, time and energy, so make sure that your calculations meet your requirements in terms of privacy and protection and are perfectly accurate as well;
– Combine materials – a fence that is made from solid wood or stone in the bottom half, but uses a cheaper material, such as wire mesh or hog wire in the top half is a great way to get the sleek, attractive look that you want and to reduce the costs a little at the same time.
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