Boosting Curb Appeal with a New Fence

Metro Fence curb appeal

Metro Fence curb appeal

The exterior of the house, whether we are talking about the yard or the garden, is a space that we have to set up in a clever way to enjoy a complete and aesthetic home. An element of particular importance in this sense is the fence, which is unfortunately very often neglected and chosen randomly rather than responsibly.

Fences  – look at – are very important for curb appeal when it comes to the overall aspect of a property. If initially the most common fences were built from wood, today homeowners can choose among many fencing materials to complement any style of building or landscaping.

Here are some reasons why we should not neglect the fence when we want to set up the yard in a special way:

  • The fence is an important element in the aesthetics of a property
  • The fence is a component that ensures your privacy
  • The fences delimits the space of your yard in an interesting way

In order to make an optimal choice and boost the curb appeal, it is advisable to pay special attention to the architectural style of the building, but also to the other exterior elements and the landscaping ideas you want to put into practice.

Fencing Solutions for Multifamily Properties

Westminster fencing installation

Fences are designed to provide security, create safe animal precincts, boost a property`s curb appeal etc. In the case of multifamily properties, fences raise their value and enhance the owners` amenities list for the rental.

These properties, just like single family properties, are often fenced to mark the boundaries, to eliminate inter-block shortcuts and to keep non-residents away. It is not uncommon that landlords consider fencing around playgrounds and other community amenities too.

Fencing a multifamily property also increases its value, by providing better security and improving the look of the property. Reasoning all these advantages is important for landlords, because this will help them choose among the different types of fences.

Westminster fencing installation

Wooden Fences

Wood remains one of the most popular fencing materials, the “white picket fence” being a symbol of the security and comfort of the American home. Westminster fencing contractors install wood fences to provide protection without blocking the view, considering their design as well as the height regulations (4-6 feet tall).

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are typical for suburban properties. They do not provide privacy, but are great to block unwanted access to certain perimeters. Besides, especially when they are combined with thoughtful landscaping, a chain link fence can be a nice looking addition to a multifamily property.

Wrought Iron Fences

They are renowned for beauty and strength, but they are also expensive, being a great option for landlords concerned with security and durability.