How Vinyl Fencing Can Transform the Appearance of Your Home

Vinyl fencing is traditional and timeless and it matches any type of architecture. Furthermore, it can be decorated in a formal, urban or even rustic style. In addition, installing vinyl fencing makes observing potential local regulations and restrictions easier than usual.

The most popular colors for vinyl fencing are: green, grey, pastels, shades of blue and earthy, neutral or muted colors. They can be daring, but also delightful and playful. Moreover, they are meant to offer a refreshing splash of color.

The color can also be natural-looking or silvery grey and the design options are, virtually, unlimited. Earthy colors in particular can look harmonious and have a calming effect when a trio of shades is used. Regardless of color, the end result should always complement the siding in order to enhance the curb appeal of the entire property.

Wood fencing is easy to paint over, however, vinyl fencing and iron fencing are not, which is why it is important to choose a color and stick with it instead of trying to replace it by painting over it.

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You can also go for a contemporary design that includes unique combinations crafted from wood and vinyl, or the semi-private fencing that uses alternating pickets. All in all, a vinyl residential fencing company Denver homeowners often recommend affirm that vinyl fencing goes with various architectural designs and it is a versatile type of fencing.

Is a White Picket Fence Still a Good Idea for a Single Family House?

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The White Picket fence is a timeless fencing option. It is still a good idea for a single family house to be enclosed and adorned by this classic solution. Moreover, its eye-pleasing symmetry can enhance the curb appeal of any property. Striking or vibrant colors can be part of fleeting trends, but the white color will always be surprisingly relaxing.

Furthermore, this traditional option does not entail difficult choices regarding: automation type, gate material, method of opening and color options. The number of decisions is considerably diminished by simply choosing the White Picket fence. In addition, it can accommodate many styles and it is easy to upkeep. Its thick boards are also known to better withstand rain, sunrays, snow, wind, frost and vandals.

The White Picket fence can be six feet high and it can be designed to discourage climbers and protect lawn furniture. Building codes have to be checked in regard to height or placement, but, in most area, it is allowed to build the fence as high as possible.

However, the White Picket fence is not without its flaws because it attracts mold, algae and mildew if placed near sprinklers. In such cases, the only available solution is a refreshing new coat of painting for gates, fences and railings.

All in all, Metro Fence Company professionals ( affirm  that the White Picket fence has withstood the test of time and it is currently making a comeback among customers of all ages.

Tips to Keep Your Lawn Green and Your Garden Healthy

Garden planning can be quite expensive and many cannot afford a garden designer. Therefore, if you decide to design the garden yourself, it is best to use a garden design app that can provide useful guidelines and advice.

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Regardless of style, the garden has to be enclosed and protected by wood, vinyl or iron fencing. However, if not done properly, the garden design can negatively impact the fencing. For instance, according to chain link fence Denver repair contractors, the root systems of large trees can damage the fence and the landscaping built up against iron fencing can cause excessive moisture that, in turn, leads to mildew, mold and, eventually, rusting. The roots and branches of large trees can weaken the structure of the fence, thus, rendering it obsolete. Heavy branches leaning against the fence can also weaken it and can increase rust if moisture becomes trapped during rainy nights.

Moreover, display methods (such as raised beds or separate pots) also require a lot of planning and can be quite costly. Nevertheless, a garden increases property value, which is why expenses and efforts can prove worthwhile in the end. Furthermore, although the planning can be quite time-consuming, the act itself of carrying out the plan is not as challenging as some might think. There is no need for drilling, cutting or welding as some might believe. In addition, keeping both the fencing and the garden healthy can really pay off in the long run.

If the yard is big enough to also include a lawn, keeping it green and healthy-looking should be made into a priority. An aesthetically pleasing lawn can truly increase the value of property.

The lawn should be mowed regularly and sprinklers should be installed during summertime. Moreover, weeds and pests should be dealt with correctly/properly, while the neighbor’s dogs should not be allowed to relieve themselves on your property even if, in time, the lawn may become increasingly appealing to them.


Three Tips for Boosting Your Property’s Ability to Resist Bad Weather

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Considering climate change and its increasingly negative effect on cities at large, it is important to take precaution measures as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are more than a few steps that can be taken to make sure that your property holds up well to bad weather.

There are many weather events that can damage metal fences, which is why it is important to avoid planting garden items near iron fencing. Pruning back the branches that are close to the fence should be done frequently because branches hanging over the fence can damage it during a storm. In order to avoid damage to the iron fencing, it is wise to consult with a garden designer that can help you come up with specific and creative –but also safe –design details. Moreover, rainy days can negatively impact any type of fencing. Iron fencing in particular can be very sensitive to entrapped moisture because it promotes rusting which is the main damaging factor to metal fences. Therefore, regular coating should be made into a priority in the upkeep of fencing.

Besides pruning back branches and regularly applying protective coating, it is also helpful to predict the effect of wind on the gate. For instance, in windy locations, all installed gates should provide some level of wind resistance.

All in all, according to fence repair Thornton CO specialists, the property’s ability to resist bad weather can be easily enhanced by means of garden design, affordable maintenance and wind-resistant features.


How to Make Wood Fencing Attractive and Practical at the Same Time

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Wood fencing is considered old-fashioned by many. However, it can be aesthetically pleasing and also very appealing to those who value a more traditional look. Moreover, it is practical and low maintenance.

The most common types of wood fencing are: wood pickets, wood lattices, louvers, vertical boards, ornamental fences, posts and rails. Traditionally, the wood lattice type is used for pools and patios in order to obstruct the view of onlookers. Similarly, the louver fence is chosen for providing privacy to decks and parking pads.

Composite wood Thornton fencing can also pass for traditional wood fencing because it is a blend of plastic and wood posts. Its thirty-year long warranty and wood-like colors make its installation more expensive but also worthwhile.

All in all, wood fencing is most definitely not obsolete. It continues to attract all sorts of customers from different generations. Furthermore, it is cheaper than many other options on the market, which makes it a very practical solution when the customer is on a budget. It lasts as long as iron and vinyl fencing and its upkeep is not very expensive in the long run. As a result, wood fencing is an affordable but also stylish option that can be worth looking into.


Commercial Fencing Designs that Attract New Customers

Commercial fencing is the first barrier to intruders. Security spikes are used to deter climbers and chain links and mesh fencing are installed as additional measures in high-security areas. Nevertheless, in order to attract customers, a commercial Brighton fence will provide not only security but also an attractive design.

Therefore, commercial fencing can be both aesthetically pleasing and practical or innovative if a newer engineering style is employed to carry out the design. In terms of designs meant to attract clients by offering a high level of security, there are many affordable and stylish options that can convince customers to pay close attention. Wood picket fences are, usually, the most popular type because they discourage climbers (on account of their pointy pickets) and work best for enclosures and gardens. Vertical board fences block the wind and are perfect for noise protection and winter weather.

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Moreover, intricate detailing can provide beauty to ironwork and professional artisans can invest their creativity in minimal or decorative designs in order to offer a regal and luxurious look to the property. For instance, custom-made iron fencing is solid and long-lasting, but can also incorporate ornamental pieces. Therefore, a wide solid steel gate can be made festive by means of unusual or unique details. All in all, due to contemporary design, security can easily blend in with both comfort and aesthetics.


Is Gate Installation Harder than Installing a Complete Fence?

Post and rails fences are, sometimes, preferred due to the fact that they are inexpensive and useful for enclosing fields as well as demarcation. However, they are not a match for wrought iron which is considered the most solid type of fencing and can be painted any color. Moreover, it can be reinforced with wood in order to ensure lifetime warranty and easy upkeep.

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For gate styles with ornamental artworks, iron fencing (wrought iron) is usually the best possible choice. Ornamental iron Thornton gate designs can be creative, unique and even slightly unusual. Different colors have different types of decorative appeal, but, regardless of the aesthetic aspect of fencing, the material is the one that allows for a fairly easy and rapid installation, which is why solid iron is, usually, the preferred choice when time is limited.

There is a variety of uncommon eye-catching designs for ornamental gates and ornate entrances. Besides color-matching, distinguished artwork is another important factor in iron fencing. However, artwork and color-matching can add up to five weeks to the entire installation process. Nevertheless, it can all be worthwhile in the end if the final results are not rushed and the whole process is carried out properly.

All in all, gate installation depends on the type of material that is being used as well as the amount of intricate detail that is added to the work. As a result, it can, sometimes, be more difficult and time-consuming to install than a complete wooden or vinyl fence.

How Long Does Your Average Commercial Fencing Installation Take?

Wood fencing can make commercial property more interesting and attractive by means of natural beauty. Different grades of wood can be used to achieve the timelessness of a sharply pointed picket, but thicker and wider boards are preferred in order to provide privacy by blocking the view of onlookers. In order to liven up the property, you can try fancy styles such as: the graceful and traditional picket fence, the rustic and classic splits, the pressure-treated and personalized lattice or the elegant, decorative, long-lasting and slightly expensive composite.

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All in all, custom Westminster fencing can add to the value of the property by increasing its aesthetic appeal and providing a timeless feel to the exterior. Moreover, wood fencing takes the least amount of time to install (less than five weeks) and can be very affordable depending on further ornamentation.

However, building commercial fencing can sometimes also include: removing old pavement, changing the structure of the property to allow for better illumination and installing lighting, drainage and watering systems. As a result, the average time it takes to install the entire fencing system can be up to ten weeks.

Iron and vinyl fencing can take even longer to install, but can prove more durable and secure in the long run. To conclude, the average commercial Westminster fencing installation can take as little as five weeks or as long as three months depending on materials and decorations.


Vinyl Fencing Solutions for a Practical Layout

Vinyl fencing has a unique aesthetic appeal provided by its components: vertical posts (used for stability) and horizontal rails spaced six feet apart. Covered with trimmed vines and a charming display of art, vinyl fencing can win the hearts of onlookers. Its elaborate and elegant look can be preserved through upkeep and powder coating meant to protect against peeling and chipping. According to knowledgeable Arvada fencing specialists, its durability, long lifespan and elegance also add value to the property. Moreover, a fresh paint of ordinary black or grey can be just as stylish as vivid colors, even though the grey color scheme is less impactful. Mystical birds, ornaments, silhouettes, horizontally installed pillars and metal mesh incorporated into the gate can further increase its appeal.

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Other such improvements include: biometric recognition and detection systems, coded keypads, specialized sensors, cards, automated gates, control access points, remote control and surveillance performed by authorized staff. These additional installments can make vinyl fencing options very practical and, therefore, very enticing to customers. Furthermore, the elegant sliding type of installation can be equipped with even more modern gadgets and an automatic wrought iron gate.

When the budget is generous enough, Victorian style and circular centerpieces can be added to further enhance the attractiveness of vinyl fencing solutions. Moreover, walk gates and double drive gates can be customized to match the fence. However, warranty for defects and workmanship is, generally, short-lived, which is why these trends are, usually, fleeting.


How to Boost Security with Iron Fencing

To improve security on one’s property, it is important to build a privacy fence that can block onlookers from seeing into one’s yard. Iron fencing is the most efficient in achieving just that. Moreover, it can be made to mimic wood that is stained and can, therefore, add classic charm to the property. An iron privacy fence is known to have a sturdy construction and a long lifespan. To further add curb appeal to the property, the owner can consider going for crafted Arvada fencing and gates, professional landscape lights and even ornamental columns.

To camouflage the yard, the owner can intelligently use garden fence coloring that can be visually transforming and can alter the color of the iron fence. Pretty pastels and darker shades are the most popular and obvious choices. Moreover, the coloring of the fence can beautifully complement the garden or yard, thus, rendering it not only safe, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Other types of safety measures usually include modern gadgets and automated gates. The gadgets can be both practical and innovative. Considering the wonders of modern technology, the most affordable installments are: biometric systems, detection sensors, coded access points, keycards, video cameras and remote control surveillance.

All in all, boosting security with iron fencing can be done in a multitude of ways. The only actual limit is the budget.

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