Privacy Fencing Materials –What to Choose for Your Colorado Business

The best material for a privacy fence is cedar because it is long-lasting and good looking due to its desirable red hue. Moreover, it does not warp or shrink. Conversely, the cheapest material for a privacy fence is the pallet wood which is similar to a traditional lumber.

The most durable material for a privacy fence is vinyl. Its longevity is unmatched if it is properly maintained. It is long-lasting, strong and easy to up keep. It is also rot-resistant and it does not peel, splinter or crack. Moreover, it does not require staining, sanding or painting.

The most important privacy fence ideas for Colorado businesses include: outdoor curtains, super-sized plants, trees planted along the property and retractable privacy screens along the fences. An inexpensive privacy screen is made of: PVC pipes, wood boards, lattice or decorative panels, twigs and branches. Finally, the yard or garden can also be made more private by: using trellis, growing ornamental grasses and bamboo, or planting hedges, trees and shrubs.

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All in all, there are many options for privacy fencing materials depending on specific requirements or preferences. However, the best solutions are the cedar and vinyl fences that are still unmatched in terms of durability, low maintenance and aesthetic appeal.

Find out more about both residential and commercial privacy fence options from the affordable experts at Metro Fence Company.


Is Lawn Care More Important for Commercial Properties?

Lawn care is very important for commercial properties due to the fact that attractive appearance can influence clientele. A weed-free turf adds significant curb appeal to commercial property, which is why crab grass control and broadleaf weed control are exponentially more important for businesses than they are for residences. As a result, it is essential to prioritize: deep-root fertilization, grub treatment, spot-spraying and inspection for insect and disease damage.

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In some cases, edging is equally important as it entails reducing soil erosion and cutting the edges around landscape lawn, flower beds, sidewalks and nearby roads to make the property look organized and neat. Edging can contribute to the professional look that any business should achieve.

Trimming and pruning the shrubs and bushes can also make a difference because it: removes dead foliage, enables bushy growth and promotes flowering. Similarly, tree pruning can get rid of damaged branches and enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Make sure perimeter fencing and security gates are edged and kept in good repair.  Brighton fence maintenance professionals can inspect and keep your commercial property secure and looking its best.

Landscape cleaning can be carried out by means of leaf blowers (that remove fallen leaves and debris) and bush cutters (that remove tall grass along fences and walls). In addition, weed control can be performed by means of irrigation and sprinkler systems while fertilizing can be done by a quick application of commercial fertilizers or slow-release granules.

All in all, lawn care is a major investment, but most owners of commercial properties find it very important. Many even choose to pay for personalized or customized lawn care that can add to the curb value and aesthetic appeal of the property.

How to Install a Secure Iron Gate and Lock

Installing a robust gate lock can provide an additional barrier of safety. The main types of gate locks include: lift-master, smart locks, key locks, electronic or mechanic keyless devices, keyed latches and padlocks. Padlock daisy chaining in particular can be made by cutting a link in a chain (in order to secure the gate) and inserting a padlock in series. However, the best gate lock is the mortice deadlock which is ideal for iron gates because it provides a high level of security.

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Alternate methods of locking a gate include: keyed deadbolts, chains and keyed levers. All gate locking methods are to be installed externally.

According to leading Thornton gate security specialists, gate hardware is very different from door hardware, which is why gate bolts are essential for enhanced security. Moreover, bolts are specifically designed to secure gates.

An iron gate can be fitted in a few easy steps. In the case of gates with adjustable I-bolt hinges, it is necessary to attach the angle brackets to the I-bolts and, then, fit the I-bolts into the holes of the gate frame and, finally, position the gate properly after setting it up with a lock.

All in all, installing a secure iron gate and lock can be done in just a few steps by a professional or by the homeowner in case they decide to carry out an affordable DIY project.

Vinyl Fencing Options for Better Security and Privacy

There are many advantages to vinyl fencing. Unlike wood fencing, it does not splinter or crack. Therefore, it is safe to install around children and pets. It also provides better privacy than wood or metal fencing. Durable Arvada fencing can be easily equipped with home security features. In addition, its lifespan of thirty years is superior to that of wood, which is why it can increase home value and make it more appealing to potential buyers. White vinyl fences guarantee a higher return on investment because vinyl is very durable and strong especially when blended with other ingredients to produce a low-maintenance product.

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A vinyl fence can easily act as a security fence. It poses a barrier that prevents unauthorized access to the residence, thus, providing an increased sense of safety. Furthermore, it can also act as a privacy fence if you employ a few basic methods of making the yard more private by building a privacy screen, hanging outdoor curtains, building a living wall or planting trees and plants along the fence. You can start by making use of super-sized plants. Then, you can move forward to planting shrubs or hedges and growing bamboo or ornamental grasses. Ultimately, you can also add climbing plants and garden structures into the mix.

However, there are also many disadvantages to vinyl fencing including its initial cost and the fact that it can be damaged by extreme temperatures. Moreover, vinyl is not a natural material and algae or mildew can cause it to become irreversibly stained.

Wooden Gate Installation: Is It Still a Relevant Type?

Wooden gates are rot-resistant and they add aesthetics to any garden. The timber has a green appearance from the pressure treating process, but it can be stained or painted. However, it still requires ongoing up-keep to be protected against decay. Moreover, while kept in storage, the wood material should not be exposed to extreme heat, humidity or moisture. Accumulated moisture has to be avoided at all costs in order to prolong the lifespan of the material. In addition, wooden gates also have to be installed correctly to prevent twisting or warping. The posts have to be installed using mechanical fixings, bolts, screws and anchors.

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Despite all of the challenges, the traditional and timeless appearance of wooden gates makes them as relevant as ever. Furthermore, they enhance privacy and maintain security. Westminster gate installation pros affirm that their professional appearance and efficient functionality can truly add curb value to any property.

High-quality timber is not prone to discoloration and can be very cost-effective. Moreover, wooden gates are more flexible than metal gates and they also provide a very natural look.

Wood is very aesthetically pleasing. It is also a very durable material because it can stand strong against the force of elements. However, it requires the correct protective treatment. For instance, oil can be used to preserve wood and improve its longevity. As a result, softwood gates can last up to seven years. They can also be equipped with excellent security features that provide comprehensive privacy and safety.

Can Commercial Fencing Solutions Boost Your Marketing?

There are various factors to consider in terms of commercial fencing that can boost marketing. The main ones include: aesthetics, security, surroundings, building codes, safety, privacy, storage, curb value, pet-friendly features, warranty, quality of materials, accessibility and control of access.

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According to a local Arvada fence company, one of the most common commercial fencing solutions is the chain link fence which is budget-friendly and can resist corrosion. It also supports customized security requirements and it complies with all building codes.

Similarly, wood plank fencing is characterized by durability. It comes in various wood stain finishes and materials (pine, spruce and cedar) and it promotes privacy. Moreover, there are many types of wood plank fences including: side-by-side fencing, board-on-board fencing and horizontal planks.

Wrought iron fencing also comes in various colors and styles. Moreover, intricate metal designs provide a modern or sophisticated look that embellishes the entire exterior.

Aluminum fences are another durable and low-maintenance option that can boost marketing. They provide an excellent barrier and they are also highly sturdy. Their ornamental role can boost the aesthetic appeal and increase the curb value. More importantly, aluminum fences are high quality and very resistant to corrosion. Some are powder-coated with acrylic finishes to look even better.

Last but not least, vinyl fences are rot-resistant and can withstand the harshest weather conditions because they are not affected by moisture. However, they are more expensive than other fencing solutions. Moreover, besides not being affordable, they can, sometimes, result in warping of the material. Nevertheless, they do not require repainting or staining. They come in a variety of designs and they all require minimal maintenance

Landscaping Solutions for a Larger Yard

There are various landscaping solutions for a larger yard. The most common one is creating designated zones that have various purposes: recreation, entertainment, relaxation, meditation, aesthetics and growing vegetables. Experienced Westminster fencing contractors suggest that such areas could include: shaded backyard, lower back patio, open field, fire pit, vegetable garden and pond patio. The vegetable garden area in particular can also serve a pragmatic purpose because it would allow you to grow: herbs, squash, asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, green beans, lettuce and radish.

Designing a flower garden can also add curb appeal or value to the yard, which is why planting perennials in pots or creating a shade garden can be a great investment. The most popular shade-loving plants are: foxgloves, hostas, grasses, bleeding hearts, ferns, hellebores and primroses.

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You can also plant an orchard with pear, apple and mulberry trees, or you can simply add low up-keep landscaping around the house in order to ornate the yard. In some cases, you can install a fire pit or a few outbuildings such as tractor garages, storage units and workshops.

Fun loving owners can install a pool, a pond or any type of water feature. They can also add a small patio by a focal point overlooking a pond or a waterfall area. A pocket-friendly patio can have: stamped concrete, a fire pit, elevated walkaways and a front entrance.

Fun loving people can also build a multi-level deck or install sports and gaming areas for: volleyball, soccer games, Frisbee, baseball games, swing sets and trampoline spaces.

Fresh Landscaping Ideas that Go Together Well with Your New Iron Fence

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Iron fencing has to be renewed when it becomes rusty, moldy or discolored. You can use chemical rust neutralizers or paint the fence with a rust-inhibiting primer to protect the iron from corrosion, moisture and rust formation. Moreover, you can repair broken fencing by carrying out a DIY project or hiring a residential fence company wrought iron restoration professional to do it for you. Lastly, you can even change the color of the fence to make it look fresher and well taken care of.

There are several landscaping ideas that go very well with a renewed or new iron fence. For example, using plants can change the appearance of the exterior and even add elegance to the fencing. In a landscape project, plants can provide texture and sophistication.

Other fresh landscaping ideas include: installing fence toppers to increase privacy and security, planting vines with flowers or climbers and adding customizable raised beds of flowers. Curved beds can provide a lot of flair while fence planting can help create a privacy hedge made of shrubs, tall plants with green foliage and long-blooming perennials. Other types of plants for fence line landscaping include: lilac, boxwood, clumping bamboo and climbing roses. There are over ten species of roses and they all look classy and timeless due to their high aesthetic appearance.

Finally, you can use fiberglass planters to make your new iron fence look as modern and as elegant as possible. All in all, there are many landscaping ideas that can enhance the appeal of iron fencing whether it is new or simply renewed with paint, primers and repairs.

Your Commercial Fencing Checklist for a Durable Fence

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According to commercial Denver fence companies, the most durable type of commercial fencing is vinyl fencing (or PVC) due to its unmatched durability and incredible resistance to the elements. It is also rot-resistant and can endure moisture, extreme humidity and cold temperatures. Moreover, it does not splinter, crack or rust. In addition, it cannot be damaged by: rain, termites, dry rot or fungus. In some cases, it can even withstand high winds due to its strength. Lastly, despite its numerous qualities, vinyl does not require a lot of up-keep because it is a very low maintenance product.

Metal fences are very durable and look both contemporary and classic/timeless at the same time. Wrought iron, for instance, is very ornate and can be designed to any style or shape. Moreover, its elegance and aesthetic appeal can add curb value to any property. Similarly, steel fencing is very durable, but also lighter and more versatile than wrought iron.

Other options include chain link fences that are both durable and affordable. Chain link fences are, usually, made of wood. The types of wood materials that last longer (up to twenty years) are: pressure-treated pine, redwood and cedar. The latter is also as aesthetically pleasing as it is durable and high quality.

Is Wood Fencing a Good Option for Increasing Home Value?

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Many homeowners avoid wood fencing because it requires regular sealing and staining that can preserve the structural integrity of the fencing. Wood fences need protective layers and coating to protect them from termite infestation and make them rot-resistant. However, they do guarantee return investment because they increase home value substantially. The value boost, usually, depends on the materials that are being used, but it is still quite significant most of the time simply because wood fencing provides a manicured appearance as a tall backyard fence or as a beautiful front yard one. In either case, wood fencing impacts house sales positively.

The cost of wood fencing depends on the type of wood that is being used. Nevertheless, Metro Fence Company in Denver confirms that all wood is moderately priced and great for enhancing privacy on a property. In addition, the functional simplicity of wood is very much sought after in the housing market.

Classic wood or white-picket fences are increasingly popular, but, before selling, the wooden picket fence has to be freshly painted in order to look taken care of. Moreover, it should not be damaged, leaning or broken and it should, most definitely, not be rotting. Furthermore, it should fit the aesthetics of the neighborhood and not look outdated.

Wrought iron is more durable and aluminum requires very little up-keep, but, in order to prioritize privacy, it is best to choose wooden fencing especially since wooden privacy fences can add significant value to the property if they are well maintained.