Iron Fencing Maintenance Tips

People love iron fences for their aesthetic appearance, structure and durability. Iron fences can last for decades. However, they have one weakness: rust. Even some little rust can compromise the durability of the fence and shorten its lifespan. So, if you have an iron fence around your property, you need to maintain it regularly, to preserve its aesthetic appeal and structural durability. Maintenance operations must be performed more or less often, depending on the climate in the area.

Inspecting the fence

When maintaining an iron fence, it is important to pay special attention to its outer protective layer. As a result, it is recommended by a popular Thornton fence company to check the sections where the paint has come off. These areas need to be repainted as the underlying metal is already exposed.

You also have to be careful about rust, because it spreads quickly. Thus, it is essential to immediately remove it in order to preserve the integrity of the fence.

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Here are the steps you should follow:

  • Prepare the work area by removing any vines, weeds or grass that may grow around the fence.
  • Remove any rust using a fine wire brush.
  • Apply a thin layer of primer. The primer must be oil-based and made for metal products.
  • Apply a thin layer of oil-based paint, recommended for metal and outdoor use

Choosing A Gate That Complements Your Fence

Naturally, the first things that draw attention to a house are the fence and the access gate. Therefore, you should not underestimate the visual impact they produce. The way the fence and the gate are made will influence the viewers’ perception of the entire property.

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But how can you choose a gate that complements your fence?

First of all, you have to decide if the gate and the fence will only have a decorative role or a protective one as well. Depending on the functionality, you will then be able to choose the style, dimensions and construction materials from which they will be made from.

Be careful, however, that these two elements complement each other and also integrate harmoniously with the overall style of your property!

Brighton fence company professionals say that the materials you can choose for your gate typically include wrought iron, sheet metal, wood, PVC, etc. Even if the wood is not exactly typical for gates and fences in urban areas, lovers of the traditional wood look should not give up their preferences. Certain modern metal fences and gates can now come with coatings that imitate wood very well. The key lies in the intelligent choice of design, highlighting the property and not creating dissonance.

In addition, automatic operation, with the help of a remote control, is becoming an increasingly common element. The automation is possible both in the sliding version of a gate, a situation in which space is needed for sliding along the fence, and in the hinged version, which is more expensive but may be the only functional solution for certain terrain conformations.

Reasons Why Wood Fencing Is a Good Option for Residential Properties

Wood fencing is a choice that ensures a personalized look to a yard. Life means options and when it comes to choosing a new fence, many property owners opt for the classic wooden fence, which can give a rustic touch, but also ensure natural elegance. This fencing option remains one of the most popular for residential properties.

A first advantage of a wooden fence is the fact that you can choose different types of wood to create the style that you want. Wood fencing does not just complement rustic-looking properties, but also modern and fancy properties.  A wood fence can be turned into a real work of art, if the manufacturer has talent.

The cost of a wooden fence is not necessarily high. It is true, however, that, along with the size and complexity of the design, the cost can increase quite a lot.

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The wood is resistant, as long as it is properly treated, it is aesthetically pleasing and can be processed easily. Exposed for a long time to the elements, wood can be attacked by fungi, insects and moisture, and it deteriorates over time. In addition, it can catch fire. Fortunately, quality fence repair Thornton CO experts tell us that nowadays there are a lot of solutions and treatments for fireproofing and waterproofing, which greatly increase the resistance of this material. If you pay minimal attention to a wood fence and ensure its regular maintenance, it can last as much as a stone or brick fence.

Best Gate Ideas For Your Backyard

Currently, manufacturers offer a wide range of gates, both in terms of technology and design, so the choice is simple if you know what you are looking for and what best suits your backyard.

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Types of gates depending on the material they are made from

Traditionally, gates are divided into two categories: metal gates or wooden gates. However, because metals can be of several kinds (elements and alloys), these two categories can be extended as follows:

  • Aluminum gates
  • Wrought iron gates
  • Sheet metal gates
  • Wooden gates

Types of gates depending on the way of opening

  • Swing gates

This type of opening is the classic one and involves the installation of hinges at the gate`s extremity. The opening movement therefore traces an arc, usually towards the inside of the property. From a technical point of view, knowledgeable Westminster gate installation experts will confirm that this type of gate is less complex and, implicitly, less expensive.

However, in the case of small yards, this opening may impose limits on the size of the gates. Also, their action may be more difficult and, as a result, they are not recommended in the case of commercial properties, which have an estimated medium to intense traffic.

  • Sliding gates

In the case of sliding systems, the gates open practically parallel to the fence, so they are a great solution even for small yards. In addition, because such a gate does not present a central interruption, the risk of a burglary penetration is considerably reduced. For this reason, sliding gates are considered a safer solution than swing gates.



Reason Why Vinyl Fencing Became So Popular

Do you want to install a fence on your property?  In this case you need to pay attention to some important details, in order to be able to make the best choice. A fence should look good, provide safety, be resistant without requiring extensive maintenance, and, if possible, be also affordable. Fortunately, Metro Fence Company in Westminster offers plenty of types of fences, made from various materials, from aluminum to wood and even vinyl.

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Vinyl fencing is very popular nowadays. Very similar to wooden fencing, in terms of appearance, it provides a very good resistance to external factors, it is easy to maintain and ensures a high degree of privacy.

A vinyl fence will require much less maintenance than a wooden fence, due to the particular properties of the material they are made from. Unlike wood, vinyl does not deform, rot or crack. A fence made from this material will never require grinding or painting. All it needs is occasional cleaning, which is easy to perform using a garden hose and pressurized water.

Vinyl fences are usually much more resistant than wooden fences, which makes them a more reliable and long-lasting solution. They also provide better safety and security, if these features are your priority.

Vinyl fences can have various designs and heights, therefore some of them can also ensure increased privacy.

Pros And Cons of Iron Fencing

The fence of your property must meet a variety of practical needs, from privacy and noise reduction, to security. It can also help you with improving the appearance of your property and adding financial value to it.

Iron is one of the most powerful and durable materials used in the construction of fences, having an ideal malleability and being perfect for personalization.

It adds elegance and value to your property,  while also providing the protection and safety you need.  An iron fence can be easily personalized with an automated gate.

In terms of durability, a top Arvada fence company tells us that iron is more durable than most other type of fence materials, for example vinyl or wood. A fence or a gate made of this metal is not only resistant against wear and tear, but it can also withstand unexpected damage, such as vehicle impact.

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Another advantage is that there are plenty of design options. An iron gate can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and patterns, so you have the freedom to choose a design that best suits the theme and style of your property. Additionally, you can always go for a custom design.

Disadvantages are few, but must be mentioned as well: iron fencing it is generally more expensive than other types of fencing, but this is precisely because of its special qualities. Maintenance is not too demanding, but it still involves periodical cleaning, as well as adding a layer of paint or varnish once every few years, to prevent rust.

How To Choose the Best Type of Commercial Fencing for Your Property

The type of fence you choose for a commercial property plays an essential role in delimiting and beautifying it, but most importantly, it ensures protection and privacy.

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Types of fences: What options do you have?

There are different types of fences, and choosing the most suitable one must be made according to the type of your commercial property and its specific needs. There are properties that need only a decorative fence, but others need increased protection, in which case a solid fence with an automated gate might be the best choice.

A fence can be made of various materials. Thus, there are:

Wooden fences

Fences made of metal panels

Fences made of wire mesh

PVC fences

Vinyl fences

Wrought iron fences

Brick fences

Concrete fences

Fences made of metal sheets

A trusted Westminster fencing company can help you identify the best solution for your commercial property, offering you modern, durable and safe products at the same time. In general, consultancy is offered free of charge, after a specialist comes to your location in order to assess its needs and make the necessary measurements.

You can choose to buy a fence with or without installation, although you must know that professional installation remains the best solution, because it comes with warranties. The prices differ depending on the complexity and scale of the project, but also on the materials chosen.

Iron Fencing – Is It Worth the Money?

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When they have to choose the material from which to make the fence that surrounds their properties, many people choose wrought iron. With an iron fence, the house will be protected. Also, if installed around yards or gardens with multicolored flowers and vegetation, iron fences will also increase the exterior curb appeal and add value to the entire property.

The main advantages of iron fences include:

  • An iron fence can be manufactured to complement different styles, from modern industrial, to rustic and even gothic. Iron is a malleable material when heated, and it is distinguished by its ability to take various forms and patterns.
  • Iron fences give homeowners the feeling of safety. This metal is extremely hard and durable, being able to provide protection in case of criminal attempts.
  • An iron fence does not need extensive maintenance. It just has to be inspected periodically, for peeling paint and signs of rust; when such problems appear, the areas must be cleaned and repainted.
  • Iron fences are very resistant over time, because this material does not rot, bend or break, like other fencing materials

According to ornamental iron fence Denver contractors, metal fencing is a very popular choice nowadays, for both residential and commercial properties, precisely due to its particular features that make it a safe and aesthetic option at the same time. It is typically more expensive than other fencing options, but it is an investment in the long run that will bring a significant return on the investment.

Commercial Fencing Options for Different Facilities

Nowadays, many people secure their commercial properties with video surveillance systems and other modern solutions, but the very first step you need to take is actually installing a good fence. Fence manufacturers come up with various fences to meet your preferences, but also your particular security needs.

Metal fences are currently the most popular. While traditional fences are rather characterized by ornamental elements, modern metal fences are on the opposite side, imposing themselves with their simplicity. Simple and airy lines, angular shapes, flat upper parts, solid panels – these are only some of the features of modern metal fence models.

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According to metal fence installation Denver specialists, metal fences are also great for securing commercial properties, especially when they are complemented with automated gates.

Ornamental metal fences

However, metal fences can also be manufactured to be decorative, not just functional. If your commercial property is a bit more special and you look for an aesthetically attractive fence, you can opt for an ornamental metal fence. Despite its fundamental aesthetic role, an ornamental metal fence will also fulfill its delimitating and protective role.

Metal fences that look like wood fences

For commercial properties with a more rustic style, metal fences with the appearance of wood fences could be an excellent choice, which come with the protection and safety provided by the metal, but with the natural and special appearance of the wood. These fencing models have coatings designed to mimic different wood types, such as golden oak, mahogany, walnut, etc.

How Does Wood Fencing Impact the Landscape in Your Yard

The fence is the business card of your home, the element that harmoniously delimits the areas and outlines the aesthetics of the entire outdoor space. It can set the aesthetic theme of the entire property. But a fence has not only aesthetic qualities, but also the role of protecting privacy.

The options, when we talk about fencing materials, are multiple, from iron, brick and concrete, to the traditional wood.

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Many homeowners still opt for different models of wooden fences, because wood is a very versatile material. That is why wood fencing models come in a variety of styles offered by a leading residential fencing company Denver residents often choose. Whether you want to fence an old villa, to highlight its vintage qualities, a modern house or, on the contrary, a simple house, situated away of urban areas, a wooden fence can be manufactured to fit the overall aspect of the property, as well as to highlight and impact the landscape in the yard.

Natural elements fit very well with each other, ensuring beauty and authenticity. A wooden fence will fit perfectly with the natural landscape in the yard.

It is also good to know that wood fencing does not have exclusively a decorative purpose. There are tall, solid models that can also make a major difference when it comes to property safety.