The Benefits of Choosing Wood Fencing for Your Property

The fence is one of the most important elements when it comes to arranging a yard and enhancing the appearance of a property. In addition to providing protection and safety, it also contributes to the visual aspect. Choosing the right fence is often complicated, as it must be cost effective and durable, and also able to match, chromatically and stylistically, the house and other exterior elements. A respected Thornton fence company confirms that fence installation and maintenance are also details that must be taken into account.

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One of the most popular materials for fencing is wood. When you want to purchase a wooden fence, you can choose from a wide variety of wood essences, sizes and shapes, because wood can be processed with great ease. A wooden fence can even be a work of art, if the manufacturer is sufficiently talented, and this is also possible due to the particular beauty of wood as a natural material.

So far, so good, but wood can sometimes be a material that rots quite easily, in which case it loses its strength and beauty. Wood is vulnerable in humid conditions and can also be attacked by some insects, but nowadays these vulnerabilities are easy to prevent with the help of special treatments for wood that make it water-repellent, insect-repellent, and even fireproof, increasing its resistance.

A wooden fence can be very durable if it is properly treated, on a regular basis.

Winter Landscaping Ideas: Adding Color and Interest to Your Brighton Yard

You should not allow winter to turn your Brighton yard into a gloomy, empty and desolate place, just because the weather is icy, snowy or gloomy. Your yard can still look delightful even in the cold season!

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Winter can be a good opportunity to put your imagination to work and give your garden a new, welcoming and warm, even cheerful look. There are a few landscaping tricks that will help you bring it to life this season.

Brighten certain areas of the yard

It is very easy to light up an area of the garden, a tree, shrub, or a landscaping decoration, using a garden reflector. In this way, you will not only attract attention in that area, but the snow will also spread the light throughout the yard. You can also hang lanterns in the trees, or place them along the alleys. White lights hung from a beautiful fence adds a sense of whimsy as well.

Use decorations in the spirit of the winter holidays

A trellis or pot in which you create an aesthetic arrangement using kinds of vegetable materials such as fir branches, dried leaves and twigs, cones, nuts and acorns, and place it in a visible and friendly position, can cheer up the atmosphere.

Evergreens in brightly colored containers

Certain plants remain green in winter, adding a welcomed splash of color. In addition, some of them can be grown in containers painted in bright colors, which will have an even more cheerful effect against the white background of snow, or the gloomy gray background of warmer winter days.

For additional ideas on how to add light and interest to your fence and landscaping, check out

Exploring the Different Styles of Gates for Your Thornton Home

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The choice of the gate for your Thornton home depends on your tastes, the desired functionalities and also on your budget.

  • Traditional style

A wooden gate has a natural look, somewhat traditional and even rustic, very unique among  other materials. In addition, the versatility of wood and the modern processing methods make possible many designs, simple or complex, to best fit the overall style of your property.

  • Modern style

The basic feature of modern Thornton gate design is the emphasis on functionality. Simple lines and a minimalist design tend to take the place of different ornaments. In modern architecture, metal and, more recently, composite materials are very popular. A gate made of such materials will certainly be particularly resistant.

Certainly, some materials do not have to be associated exclusively with a particular style. For example, even if wood is not so popular for the gates of urban houses, those who love the aspect of this traditional material do not necessarily have to give up their preferences. Many modern metal gates can now be manufactured with coatings that mimic very well the aspect of golden oak, mahogany, walnut, etc.

Exploring different styles of gates for your home is not only about materials and finishes, but also about functionality, which is closely related to the conditions of access to the property. Thus, you can choose between a swing gate or a sliding gate. In both cases, you can add automation.


Maximizing Your Small Yard: Design Tips and Tricks

The key to creating the illusion of a larger space lies in the organization. This principle also applies to homes that have a small yard. In addition, when it comes to the small space around the house, more does not always mean better.

Read on about a few design tips and tricks from a recommended Arvada fence company.

  1. The first step when arranging the space around the house is to determine the purpose it will serve.
  2. Draw up a feasible plan – organization is the watchword when planning the arrangement of a small yard. Select a theme and set a budget. Also, at this stage, it is advisable to draw the areas you want to arrange, to be sure that you will not end up cluttering the yard.
  3. Count on adequate décor elements. These are great ways to enhance the aesthetic component of your small yard and, if chosen and used intelligently, they will maximize your available space.
  4. Be creative. Consider the possibility of arranging a porch and leave the rest of the space open and covered with a beautiful lawn and some decorative vegetation, as this will maximize the space and make a small yard look larger.
  5. If you do not have a garage or a cellar, use garden furniture with storage space, where you can keep seat cushions, gardening tools, toys, folding chairs and more.

Landscaping for Curb Appeal: Make a Statement with Your Front Yard

The front yard is very important because it is often the first impression. Its design must be both practical and beautiful, with vegetation and wide and well-drawn alleys and correct lighting.

In order to command attention, here are a few elements to keep in mind when planning a landscaping project with your front yard.

  • Choose well constructed Westminster fencing according to the exterior style of the house, but also to the overall design of the street. Make sure that it offers protection and enough intimacy, but without completely hiding the house and the front yard.
  • Create a beautiful alley, from the gate to the entrance door. A pedestrian access alley can be a great touch to your yard and it can be made of natural stone, tiles, or even concrete. It can be accentuated by a hedge, flowerbeds or a line of ornamental shrubs.
  • Add project flower trellises and/or a water fountain. Do not forget about the lawn, which must look impeccable. It is also time to consider whether you should purchase a sprinkler for irrigating the lawn and garden.
  • Another sparkle is outdoor lighting. Lighting with poles can be expensive and not very effective, especially if your front yard is not so big. A system of low lamps can be a very good choice along the main alley. For the rest of the yard and to highlight certain elements of landscaping, you can consider stand-alone lamps and reflectors with solar batteries and programmed timing.

Vinyl Fencing: A Maintenance-Free Option for Your Arvada Home

If you want a modern material for the fence of your Arvada home, you can confidently consider a vinyl fence. It is a modern construction material, lightweight and resistant. We are in the age of unprecedented technological development, so it is wise to reap the benefits of new technologies and materials.

Why is polyvinyl chloride a suitable material for the construction of a fence?

For several decades, the field of construction has been majorly influenced by this relatively new material. We find vinyl in many types of products: heat-insulating joinery (profiles for windows and doors), piping for plumbing, elastic flooring, rainwater systems, decking, waterproofing for the roof or foundations, fences and outdoor furniture, paneling and siding elements, etc.

Polyvinyl chloride is a synthesis of sodium chloride with petroleum through controlled chemical processes and chain polymerization. It is produced in two forms:

  • flexible – used as an electrical wire insulator, rubber replacement, etc.
  • rigid – used as a construction material, including for fences.

This material is suitable for Arvada fencing construction, because it is:

Noncorrosive: Polyvinyl chloride is resistant to almost all kind of chemical corrosion

Hydro resistance: Polyvinyl chloride does not rot nor it allows mold formation

Fire retardant: Polyvinyl chloride contains a significant percentage of chlorine, which reduces oxygen absorption. This materials swells and melts in the fire, instead of burning with flame

Lightweight: Polyvinyl chloride is up to 3 times lighter than wood and 5 times lighter than reinforced concrete.

Gate Installation in Westminster: How to Choose the Right Material for Your Needs

In building your own home, you want it to be done in a way that highlights the modern and aesthetic components. A  gate that complements the fence, provides the level of protection and privacy you need and is also easy to use is crucial.

In general, the gates are made of metal, wood and, more recently, PVC or composite profiles, but the options are very diverse, to suit all tastes and budgets.

According to leading Westminster gate installation pros, choosing the right material depends on your priorities and preferences.

Metal = Durability

If you want a gate that lasts for decades and gives you the protection you need, then perhaps a metal gate is the right choice. You can choose between many materials – sheet metal, aluminum, wrought iron – each with its functional and aesthetic characteristics.

Wood = Tradition

If your property has a traditional look and you prefer natural materials, you may want to turn to a wooden gate.  Besides their special appearance, gates made of wood have great mechanical strength, are elastic and do not deform over time. In addition, they can also be automated. The only drawback is that a wooden gate will require periodic treatments and maintenance in order to remain in good condition.

PVC and composite materials = Modernity

PVC and composite materials are very popular nowadays, with multiple finishes and textures to suit any property. These gates do not have the vulnerabilities of wooden gates and are also more affordable than metal gates.

The Benefits of Incorporating Native Plants into Your Yard’s Landscaping

Decorating your yard with outdoor plants is an excellent idea, and not only for those who want to simply enjoy a view: they are also great decorative elements that complement relaxing spaces when modernly arranged, where each element has its well-defined role and is well integrated into the environment to which it belongs.

Outdoor plants are some of the most common elements in a garden landscaping project. Depending on the season and the preferences of the owner, they can be ornamental shrubs, flowers, or trees.

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Any landscape and residential fencing Denver specialist will tell you that only your imagination is the limit of decorating your yard and fence line with plants. You can choose resinous trees or deciduous trees, depending on your preferences for falling leaves or for the evergreen needles of conifers. Also, you can choose resinous or deciduous shrubs, if you want smaller plants that can be integrated more easily.

However, the best thing to do is to focus on native plants.

Native plants have adapted to the soil and local weather conditions, which means that they will grow with no trouble, under normal circumstances. Using native plants, you do not risk your garden drying or dying quickly. Exotic plants need special conditions to develop, and are vulnerable in environments different from their own. So, instead of taking useless risks, consider some native plant species and you will still have plenty to choose from!

The Durability and Beauty of Iron Fencing

Properly installed, metal fences can be a perfect choice for any property. They guarantee the desired results in terms of safety and aesthetics, while also being an excellent option when looking for an affordable price and easy maintenance.

There is a wide range of models, made of various metals: galvanized steel, wrought iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and more. All of these choices will satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Of all these materials, wrought iron fences have a special beauty, therefore a particular decorative potential. Such a fence will beautify your property and give it an air of distinction.

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In addition to the aesthetic appearance, the type of beautiful ornamental iron fence Denver fence companies offer has many other features that make it very suitable for the construction of fences and gates:

  • High tensile strength: between 240 -350 MPa, as opposed to 35-90 MPa, in the case of aluminum.
  • Increased hardness: Brinell hardness of wrought iron is about 100 MPa. In contrast, copper has 35 Mpa, and aluminum 15 Mpa.
  • Malleability: Wrought iron contains less carbon than cast iron, so it tolerates stretching and bending very well. This allows the freedom to make elaborate, beautiful designs.
  • Easily weldable: In the process of making an iron fence, it is necessary to combine different elements of wrought iron or even to fasten the iron to other ferrous elements. Wrought iron welds easily, and the result is durable and complex.

Commercial Fencing Options: What to Consider for Your Denver Business

If you are looking for a fencing solution for a property on which you are going to build something,  a warehouse, a hall, a logistics platform or a company headquarters, Metro Fence Company can provide you with everything you need to achieve the most advantageous conditions.

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The most important selection criteria when you choose a fence for your Denver business

  1. The type of closure you want for the terrain

Depending on this aspect, you can opt for a compact type of fence, or for a model with spaced elements; you can also go for a simpler and cheaper product, or for a solid and durable fence that offers maximum privacy and safety.

  1. The place where the construction is located

The privacy and protection requirements for a commercial property located in the city are somehow different than those for a space located outside the city. The choice of a fence will have to take into account this aspect as well.

  1. The desired degree of security

Currently, there are solutions for fences with high security detection. Depending on the field of your professional activity, on what you want or what is mandatory to guarantee safety for you, your employees and your things, you should opt for the most appropriate products.

  1. Automation

It is technology that contributes significantly to increasing ease of access to a property or to strengthening the safety measures. That is why, if it is useful for your business and the budget allows you, do not hesitate to choose to combine the fence with a gate with high-performance automation options.