A Quick Guide to Exploring Your Best Paint Options For Outdoor Fences

A fence provides security and privacy, and also adds aesthetic appeal and value to your property when properly maintained. Proper maintenance of your fence will keep it from being damaged, wearing off and developing rust, while also keeping it strong and shiny for a longer period of time.

Beautifully painted fences add appeal, protection and value to your property. So you have to make sure that you use the right paint and tools for your budget. This will give your fence a wonderful finish and keep it from future damages, while keeping your bank account full.

You have to choose the right paint for the type of wood you used for your wooden fence. The best outdoor paint for wood is treated to withstand the effects of weather and other outdoor elements which could damage your fence.

Acrylic paint is durable because it provides an excellent layer of protection. Make sure to use a primer before applying acrylic paint. Oil-based outdoor paint for wood requires multiple coatings and doesn’t provide good enough protection compared to acrylic. However, it does offer a superior looking finish.

Brighton fence company - painting a fence

For metal fences, according to Brighton fence company pros, it is essential to choose a paint that is specially formulated for the type of metal used. Enamel paint is formulated to stick to iron. You need to apply a rust-inhibiting primer to the surface of the metal fence before applying this type of paint. Another durable and efficient type of paint that is for metal fences is an automotive epoxy paint. Its application is a one-time process, but it does require a hardener, and you have to finish the job within 6 hours of starting.