Are Commercial Fences Harder to Install than a Residential Fence?

There are several different fence options, depending on your exact needs. Each type of fence has its own characteristics and requirements.

For instance, most residences can benefit from fences made of aluminum panels. Such fences are ideal for yards, pool areas or gardens. Pool fences have certain specific requirements, which are generally influenced by local building codes. For instance, in order to comply with BOCA requirements, pool fencing systems must have at least 45 inches between their horizontal rails. Moreover, the gate needs to be at least 48 inches high.

Metro Fence Arvada

Commercial Metro Fence Arvada contractors say that, compared to residential fences, commercial fences are typically made of more resistant materials, while also having bigger pickets and rails. The main reason for building stronger fences for commercial properties derives from the fact that these properties usually involve heavy traffic. They need to last longer also.

Depending on the size and complexity of a commercial fence, it can certainly be harder to install and sometimes maintain than a residential one, but it undoubtedly is a worthy investment.

Fences that are built out of tough materials such as wrought iron or aluminum are among the hardest to install, regardless of their exact purpose. At the same time, wood and vinyl make the easiest to install fence options.