Are Wooden Fences Safe in the Snow?

Denver wooden fence companyWood is the oldest fencing material and yes, wood fences are safe in every season and climate, if you provide them proper and regular maintenance. Vinyl or aluminum fences are almost maintenance-free, but wood is organic and just like any organic material, it is affected by moisture and ultimately it rots and disintegrate.

Fortunately, preventing this is not difficult, especially these days, when we have all kind of modern and efficient materials and solutions for ever problem.

When you have Denver fence companies build a wooden fence, make sure to choose the right type of wood and install it properly. Also, that wood must be cleaned annually and sealed with a special paint or varnish for outdoor elements. This way, moisture issues will be prevented.

Before the arrival of the winter, always have Denver fence pros check your wooden fence for softwood and identify the causes. Softwood may be the result of invasive insects that destroy wooden elements. In this case, you may also need to spray the fence with some special substances that will help you get rid of the insects, before patching the wood and apply the sealing solutions.

Tree branches may also crack during winter storms or under the weight of the snow and cause damage to your fence, so you should trim back the largest ones.