How To Fix Your Wood Fence

Denver fence company wood fence repair

Denver fence company wood fence repair

Wood fences are attractive components on any property, but the natural material is sensitive to the effects of the weather, even if it is properly treated with protective substances, such as paints and coating layers. Fortunately, according to skilled Denver fence company contractors, wood fences are not very difficult to repair – here are a few tips how:

  • Cleaning – to be able to see how extensive the damage is, you need a clean surface, so before you start any repair operation, clean the fence properly. All you will need is some warm water and a mild detergent – apply the mix on the fence using a sponge, scrub a bit, then wait until the surface is completely dry;
  • Remove the damaged parts – rot and mildew are the most common issues with wood fences. Make sure to remove the damaged parts, scraping the wood until your reach solid material, then correct the issue with some putty and repaint the fence part to its original color;
  • Insect attacks – if large portions of your fence have been damaged by insects, such as termites, you will have to remove the panels completely, but if the pests have caused only minor damage, you can easily remove the damaged sections and correct the wood the same way as in the case of rot, then treat the wood with an insect repellant coating and paint it.

The Latest and Hottest Commercial Fencing Trends

ornamental iron fence in Denver

Commercial properties, especially the ones located in areas where curb appeal matters, need fencing that is not only functional and able to efficiently protect the safety of the commercial property and the assets and merchandise stored on and inside it, but also fencing that is attractive and able to create a positive first impression on visitors – a very important aspect if you want to impress your future business partners. Commercial fencing design is, like the design of almost any building component, governed by trends – here are the most popular trends for commercial fences:

  • Multiple types of material used in the same fence – using masonry on the bottom of the fence and metal on the top is a timeless, classy solution that is trendy today, too and so is the combination of concrete and wood;

ornamental iron fence in Denver

  • Wrought iron fences – an ornamental iron fence in Denver is attractive, but not cheap, therefore it is often used only to delimit the space from the street or road in front of the property and combined with cheaper solutions, such as wire fencing, in the back;
  • Wood fences with horizontal panels – the solution reduces the quantity of wood used for making the fence, while also offering more privacy and making installation easier and faster as well.

Great Fencing Options for Your Dog

Brighton fence company - pet security

Dog owners know only too well the challenges of finding the right fence option to prevent their animal from wandering off and getting injured or lost.

The most common types of fences used for dogs are chain link fences, wooden privacy fences and electric containment systems. Each one has pros and cons.

Brighton fence company chain link fences provide decent security, but sometimes they cannot prevent the dog from escaping, especially if they are not tall enough. Many dogs learn to climb them. The animal sees though it and this may be a disadvantage in the case of over-excitable dog, who will bark at everything they see…

Brighton fence company  - pet security

Wooden privacy fences provide security and also restrict the view of the animal. The drawback is that you may need a permit to build a fence over a certain height.

Electric containment systems transmit a signal that is picked up by a receiver installed in the dog`s collar.  When the animal is too close to the limit, the system sends warning tone sounds; if the dog attempts to go further, he will feel an electric shock that will teach him stay inside the perimeter. However, if the animal manages to runs through the electric containment system, he will not be able to return without receiving another shock, which will make him reluctant to come home.

Deciding When it’s Time for a New Fence

Thornton fence company repair

A new fence is a great addition to a property, considering the provided advantages: increased protection and security, as well as enhanced visual aspect. However, a new fence also represent a big investment, especially if we are talking about a fence made in expensive materials, so it is important to know when it is time for a  new fence and start planning early.

Basically, you will need a new fence when the existing one is too old and deteriorated to be repaired anymore. Actually, you can always opt for repairs, but they will not be feasible if the fence is too damaged or if it was not installed properly in the first place. A honest Thornton fence company can look at you current fence and give you a good idea if you need new or a simple repair will do.

Thornton fence company repair

Some people also choose to install a new fence for aesthetic reasons (they want to replace a wood fence with one made in wrought iron that matches their newly remodeled property), as well as for safety and privacy reasons. Maybe they have a white picket fence and want to replace it with a decorative wrought iron fence, or maybe they need more privacy and prefer replacing a low fence with a higher one, made from masonry or other compact materials that keep away indiscreet eyes.

Choosing the Right Fence Color

Brighton fencing material

A fresh coat of paint brings new life into your fence.  Choose a color that blends with other exterior elements, or go bold with something unexpected, however do your best to avoid a garish and out of place visual effect. Your home facade is often the best visual reference for choosing color cues, and finding the best match with the fence creates an instant visual connection that enhances the curb appeal.

Adding a new layer of paint provides more than an aesthetic aspect; it also provides protection to fences made of wood or metal. When the existing layer of paint starts to peel or fade, it is time to add a fresh coat, to prevent degradation caused by rot or rust.

Brighton fencing material

Take into account the following aspects when determining the right Brighton fencing color:

  • the style of the home
  • the colors of the home
  • the colors of the landscape (brighter colors are preferable if you have flowering plants and shrubs, otherwise you should opt for neutral colors)
  • the local policies

Finally yet importantly, regardless the color, make sure you choose the paint according to the Brighten fencing material; do not use paint made for wood surfaces on a metal fence.

Great Ideas for a Privacy Fence

privacy Thornton fencing

With privacy Thornton fencing you can transform your yard into an outdoor living area, because this type of fence will protect you from unwanted sights from traffic or nearby neighbors. A privacy fence is a really great addition especially for those who live near busy roads and in densely populated areas.

Those who opt for such a solution will be able to enjoy sunbathing in their yard and have fun in the pool without worrying about who might take a peek at them.

privacy Thornton fencing

Privacy Thornton fencing also offers additional benefits including security, safety for pets and children, as well as increased property value. This type of fence is also very durable due to the strength and thickness of the materials used.

There are many styles of privacy fences, from plain to ornate and made of different materials (the most popular being wood and vinyl).

Horizontal planks are very trendy these days, when it comes to privacy fence designs. They are mostly made of whitewashed western red cedar and provide a modern aspect.

Metal fence solutions are also great as privacy fences and, if you look for a tropical touch, you can opt for bamboo fencing that besides privacy will bring your property into the Boho chic territory.

The Trend of Horizontal Fences

horizontal Arvada fencing

The horizontal wood fence trend is everywhere now. It seems to have been borrowed from mid century modern designers, who preferred horizontal planes and clean severe lines as an easy way to create an original visual effect and make something rather old look new.

horizontal Arvada fencing

Horizontal fences are praised for the protection and privacy they add to any outdoor living space; this aspect adds value to a property. They can be designed with no gaps between pickets or with a semi-private design, which allows partial visibility.

Horizontal Arvada fencing designs do not require any extra labor. The installation process mirrors the traditional fence installation, which involves digging holes for the posts and having the panels locked into place.

The cut sets the scene

Your horizontal fence can be made of different materials, the most popular being rough lumber and smooth lumber planks. The chosen material will dictate the style of the fence, as well as its finished aspect. Rough lumber is great if you want to provide your fence a sturdy, rustic look; on the other hand, smooth lumber planks are thinner and sanded for a silkier texture.

Horizontal fences make the property or the yard look bigger, so they can be used strategically any time you want to put an emphasis on the outdoor space, while also keeping the design simple and linear, suitable for a modern property.

Understanding Your Property Lines

Denver fence installation

Denver fence installation

Property lines are important because they define our space. More specifically, they represent the boundary where your land ends and the neighboring land begins.

Specifications about them can be found in official documents (the survey received when you brought the property, your property deed) or at the county assessor’s office. Boundary lines are necessary to determine where to legally place structures without using a part of another people`s land and getting into unpleasant situations with your neighbors.

You can also use maps and online mapping tools to find the boundaries. The assessor’s office in your municipality could be of a great help; just ask for local maps available for public viewing and use them for reference when you make the boundary measurements. You will definitely want to know accurate property lines before having Denver Metro Fence Inc in install fencing on your property.

As about your property survey, it is a document that includes property lines and measurements, as well as the distance from the property line to your house and the street. If you do not have such a document, you can always hire a surveyor to do it for you. A surveyor is a professional trained to point out property lines following exact measurements.

A property survey will cost you some money, and their amount depends on factors like lot size, property value and its location.

The Effectiveness of Sound Barrier Fences

soundproof Westminster fencing

If you live in a very busy area and there is a lot of noise coming from the street , you are surely interested in finding solutions to deal with this problem. The one we propose you in this article is rather simple and efficient: installing a sound barrier fence.

Soundproof fences really work, if you build them by taking into account factors like the location of your house, the distance between the fence and the house and the type of sound that cause you discomfort and you want to insulate your property from.

soundproof Westminster fencing

Sound barrier Westminster fencing is typically taller and thicker than regular fences. When you plan to install one, you should check the local regulations about how tall you can actually make it, as there may be some limitations that you need to know about.

When you install a sound barrier fence, make sure that there are more than 20 meters between the fence and the house. The bigger the distance, the better the results.

Carefully consider the materials you use to build your fence. Soundproof fences must consist in compact and hard surfaces, thick enough to absorb the noise or bouncing back to the street.

Your Guide to Quick Fence Repairs

iron fence Arvada fence company

As a property owner, knowing a few quick fence repairs can be very useful.   Some of these are quite easy to perform and by doing them yourself you can save some money.

Fences are typically durable structures, but they are not infallible and sooner or later they will require repairs. With the right tools and fence components (boards, pickets, rails etc.), you can fix most of the problems and push back the perspective of an all-out replacement.

The first thing to do is making a plan to address the necessary repairs. The operations you will be required to do in the process depend on the material the fence is made of.

  • Repairing a wood fence

Wood is a natural material that wraps, splinters and can be affected by moisture and insects.

  • Repairing a vinyl fence

Vinyl is a truly great material that requires almost no maintenance at all and is very durable. However, it can be damaged by impact, in which case you will have to replace some vinyl panels. Additionally, a vinyl fence should be pressure washed periodically, for a fresh look.

iron fence Arvada fence company

  • Repairing an iron fence

Iron fences are affected by rust. To repair them, it is best to hire an iron fence Arvada fence company you need special tools and cleaning solutions, as well as protective solutions and paint.