Best Fence Colors for your Home Exterior

Thornton fencing

If you think about changing the aspect of your garden, start with the details that can surprise, such as painting Thornton fencing in a color matching other exterior elements (the roof, the façade etc.), or opt for an unexpected color.


For those who prefer a traditional and rather natural aspect, the green fence is the easiest to fit into the landscape, without turning the attention from the beautiful foliages and flowers you may have in the garden. If you want to break monotony, you can use different shades of green


Came out from classical movies, white fence creates a fresh and comfortable setting.


Opt a shade of orange close to the wood color if you have a wooden fence. In addition, you can match it with outdoor furniture made of the same material, as well as with orange decorations, such as cushions and blankets.


Depending on your preferences, you can either choose a blue to highlight the fence and give a strong personality to the entire garden, or go on a lighter shade, assorted with pool water.


A fence painted in red has a tremendous effect in a garden full of vivid colors.


Dying the fence in many colors is a great and original idea especially if you have a traditional house, in neutral shades. You can go on joining two or more colors, depending on your preference and the message you want to transmit can range from electrifying to relaxing.