Why Your Commercial Facility Could Benefit From a New Fence

commercial Denver fence company

commercial Denver fence company

Like any type of facility, commercial buildings can also benefit from the protection, the privacy and the aesthetic value that comes with a new fence. Whether your commercial facility is small or large, it is used for storing your inventory or to welcome visitors, here are the benefits that you can enjoy with the installation of a new fence:

  • Privacy – a new fence can keep your business operations out of sight, allowing your employees to tend to their tasks more comfortably;
  • Protection and security – a solid new fence made from the right material and featuring the right height is an effective deterrent for burglars, especially if you add supplementary security components, such as motion sensors, cameras or barbed wire on the top of the fence;
  • Aesthetic appeal – the fence around your commercial facility can also make the property more attractive to visitors. You can get a combined fence that uses stylish fencing in the front and sturdier, protective fencing around the property in the back;
  • Higher building value – a new commercial fence installed by a reputable Denver fence company will add value to your building, which can be beneficial if you want to sell the property or if you need a value assessment for other purposes, such as taking out a loan.

The Latest Materials Used In Commercial Fencing

Thornton gate security

Until recently, chain link fences, gabion fences and parking fences were the most frequently seen on commercial properties.

Chain link fences are strong and durable, maintenance free and cost effective. Gabions have many applications and are a sustainable solution, considering that it can e filled with materials such as rock, concrete debris or brick.  Parking fences delimit parking lots and are often accompanied by barrier gates that restrict access to parking lots during off hours. 

However, there are now more fencing options for commercial properties. Here are a few examples.


Made of ornamental steel, these fences are designed in 7’ and 8’ heights for ensuring security commercial projects.


This fencing option combines protection and privacy with an appealing aspect. There are designs with elegant security solution, great for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities alike.


Thornton gate security

These fences offer a restrictive and protective barrier against people and vehicles from entering a property.  They blend successfully into the scenery of the protected area.  


Thornton gate and fence companies offer a variety of slide or swing gates automatic security gates & fencing to meet the security needs of any type of commercial facility.

How Much Fencing Does Your Business Need?

Before installing a new fence on your commercial property, you must make a plan that should involve confirming your property lines and making some measurements of the area you want to surround. This is very important to avoid ending up by realizing you do not have enough materials to finish the fence or, on the contrary, to buy too many of them.

Luckily, these preliminary steps are not so complicated, as long as you know what you are doing.

Confirming your property lines is a part of the fencing etiquette; if you ignore it, you may step on your neighbors’ property and enter some legal issues. Therefore, consult a land surveyor or your county’s records.

The next step is locating underground utilities and other obstructions. Installing a fence may cause damage to underground utilities, so you are required to mark them before digging for making the foundation.Westminster gate intallationMeasure the perimeter of the area you want to surround with a fence, as well as your fence panels. Divide these numbers and see how many panels you need. Mark the corner posts and then the line posts, to determine how many you are required to install (a line post is placed between two fence panels). Also take into consideration the size and type of the gate you may need as well. Westminster gate installation specialists can help you with measurements and guidelines.

Alternatively, you can use online fence calculators. You can find calculators for different fence materials and they will help you make accurate estimates.

Do Commercial Fences Need a lot of Maintenance?

Commercial fences in Arvada are no different than fences installed on private properties and have the same purposes: defining boundaries, enhancing the exterior aspect of the property, providing privacy and security.

The required maintenance depends on the materials the fences are made from, their age and the degree of damage. Some Arvada fence company contractors offer periodic maintenance work for fences they have installed, but otherwise commercial property owners must find someone to do it and schedule periodic maintenance.fence maintenanceForged iron, vinyl, brick and masonry are materials that require very little maintenance. Basically, these fences must be kept clean and checked for damage, from time to time. On the other hand, natural fences and wood fences require more attention. Natural fences have to be trimmed, while wood fences must be kept clean and periodically treated with solutions that provide protection against moisture and exposure to UV rays. Apply a layer of primer to protect the wood against mold, insects or fungi and then apply a paint or varnish for outdoor use, according to what you prefer: the natural appearance of wood or a certain color.

A well maintained fence will contribute to a positive image of the commercial property it is installed on.

What Type of Fence is Best for your Business?

commercial fence and gate designCommercial fencing in Westminster is important in many ways, considering that a fence can be designed to accomplish different purposes: contribute to the overall exterior aspect of a commercial property, provide security and privacy and marking different land sections and defining boundaries.

There is a variety Westminster gate and fence installation options available for businesses. As a property manager or business owner, you should choose a fence according to your needs and budget.

Popular commercial fences

  • Metal fences

These are typically made from wrought iron, which is a strong material that can be used to create security fences, with controlled access gates. At the same time, wrought iron can also be used to create intricate and beautiful details on fences that will look great on stylish properties.

  • Ornamental aluminum fences

Aluminum fences look great around parks or large commercial estate, as well as around properties situated on coastal areas.

  • Brick or concrete fences

These materials create noise barriers, which makes brick or concrete fences ideal for businesses that promote a private and quiet environment.

  • Vinyl fences

This material is attractive, strong, flexible and maintenance-free, which make it popular for many businesses.

  • Farm fences

Ranchers and farmers prefer wood fences for keeping cattle within a perimeter, as well as wired fences for poultry.

Common Mistakes Seen in Commercial Fences

Just like residential fences, commercial fences are built for security, protection and aspect. Unfortunately, people make mistakes in designing them, as well as in the process of construction, that may jeopardize the final result.

Denver fence company commercial projectsFirst, know that there are local laws and regulations that must be checked before starting any type of Denver fence company construction project. You might be surprised to learn that the type of fence you want on your commercial property is actually forbidden in your area, or that you need a permit for installing your fence. You should never neglect these aspects, or you will end up with a fine, you will have to start the project again from scratches, not to mention that you may damage underground utilities which will only increase your legal problems.

Another important thing is knowing the exact borders of your property, otherwise you risk installing the fence on someone else`s land and deal with all the legal issues that arise.

Technical mistakes are also common in the construction and installation of a commercial fence, so make sure to find a reliable and experienced contractor, able to take precise measurements, use the right post setting technique to secure the fence properly and take into account the slope of your property to avoid gaps in your fencing.

What Types of Businesses Require Fences?

Whatever the type of your business, it surely requires at least a small fence for making your company premises attractive and secure as well. The role of the fences installed around business properties is the same as the role of the fences around family homes and just like family homes, all businesses use them.

security fencing
Fences are very important for small and large businesses, for businesses that store large inventories of products or work with expensive equipment as well as for small companies that operate in the service industry, but want to protect their headquarters and their business fleets against intruders.
The type of the fences chosen by a business depends on the type of business activity of the company, but all business fences need to be attractive and made with the highest quality standards in mind. Consult high security fence installation Denver professionals if the fence around the property needs to serve security purposes. Whether a fence is installed to make the premises look more attractive and more organized, the components of the fence need to be flawlessly crafted, installed and maintained to perform well.
Metal fences are the most common choice of material for businesses that need security, while wood is the preferred choice of companies that focus on attractive design, but both fence types need to be regularly inspected and properly maintained to preserve the curb appeal and the safety offered.

Improved Appearance and Safety: Considering Why Your Business Needs Good Fencing Solutions

Have you recently grown your business enough to buy a brand new building? You might want to take your investment to the next level and find a good quality Arvada fencing expert to set up your new fence. Why? It’s not just a matter of appearance – although maintaining a clean and inviting image will definitely help your bottom line. It’s also about the practical aspects of your business, including maintaining privacy and improving safety.

secured metal industrial building

If you have employees who are working outside, they might not appreciate all the surrounding pedestrians being able to peek through the fence and watch them work. Aside from being annoying, it’s also distracting. A tall wooden or metal fence can prevent that from being a problem.

Another benefit of fencing is that it blocks out unwanted noise from surrounding cars. If your workers require quiet and concentration, a fence that has soundproof qualities can definitely do a lot of good.

Finally, don’t underestimate your need to protect your business – not only from prying eyes, but also from burglars and intruders. If you have sensitive data stored on your computers or expensive equipment on the premises, a strong stone or metal fence with clear surroundings and a good surveillance system will work wonders to keep your business safe.

When Is Security Fencing Necessary?

Are you looking to install a security fence around your building’s perimeter? If you want to protect your employees and valuable equipment from burglars and vandals, then a reliable security fence might be exactly what you need.

In most cases, a security fence will be needed when:

• You are in charge of managing the security of a clinic or hospital;
• You have an office building, and the break area around your building requires added protection;
• You own a warehouse, and you’d like to protect your valuable stock at all costs;
• You have a factory, and would like to keep people out for their own protection, as well as to protect your own high grade equipment;
• You’re in charge of a department store, and some of the areas around the building are especially vulnerable.

In most cases, the areas near the dumpster, places where you have outside storage and facilities that are separate from the main compound will be protected the most by experienced Denver fence companies.

When you have something truly valuable to protect, then hiring experienced Denver Fence companies to provide security fencing is definitely necessary. The aforementioned situations can all qualify for this, and you’ll find that, in order to benefit from adequate protection from the very start, it is best to start investing in your security fence before your business begins its main work-related activities.

Top 3 Uses for Chain Link Fences


You are about to install a fence, but which type? Well, this depends on your use for it as well as your location. There are many ways chain link fences are used in Denver, some are decorated for aesthetic reasons and some are specifically there for security. There are so many different ways you can use this material, but below we have found an opinion about the three main uses for it.

When it comes to versatility, chain link fences are the clear winner above all of the other fencing types. It can be used in almost any situation from a quiet backyard in a small town to a high security government installation. Since chain link is in use all over the United States there were a lot to choose from, but the top three uses for chain link were:

  1. Sports fields and facilities – The next time that you go to a football or baseball field, take a look around and notice how much chain link you can see. It is used all over the facilities for a variety of reasons. When you are selling tickets to games it will help to separate the paying from the nonpaying customers. It is often used to help layout the various areas so that the seating areas are kept separate from the player areas.

  2. Industrial buildings and factories – Industrial areas can have a lot of places that are too dangerous to wander around in. So, similar to the sports facilities, chain link fencing is often used to control access. It not only helps to keep trespassers out entirely but it helps to keep workers from going into places that they don’t belong.

  3. High-security facilities – Chain link is usually the first line of defense in a high-security area. It lets people know that they are not allowed beyond a certain area. Plus, if they take the time to try and cut through or climb the fence, it gives security personnel plenty of time to apprehend them.

    Top 3 Uses for Chain Link Fences