Good Ways to Recycle Your Old Fence

Westminster fencing recycling projects - build a table!

Some materials resulting from demolished old fencing are no use at all, but others are excellent starting points for creative Westminster fencing recycling projects – while masonry or vinyl fences can only be disposed off when they are not needed any more, the wood boards that make up fences can be reused in many ways. Here are some:

  • Building a new fence – be careful when you dismantle your old wood fence, paying attention not to damage the boards that are still healthy. Dispose the old, damaged boards, then clean the healthy ones, cut them to equal pieces and use them to create a new fence in which the boards are placed diagonally or in a triangle shape;
  • Make a door for your shed – the process is essentially the same, but you will need a frame to insert the pieces of board into. You can create insert and use colors for a more attractive or stunning appearance;
  • Build furniture – the old boards from your fence can be used for building furnishing items for your deck or for your patio. You can use them to put together a short-legged table, a bench or other forms of seating and they are great for shelves, too.

Westminster fencing recycling projects - build a table!

How to Decorate Your Fence Without Harming it

Arvada fence company

Arvada fence company

Summer is the season when the gardens are filled with the colors of the flowers and shine under the sun rays. But as beautiful as a garden or a back yard is, a banal or ugly fence will negatively affect its charm.

Some people decorate their fences in various ways, to enhance their visual appeal. Some paint their fences in vivid colors, with cartoon characters or flowers, while others choose to prolong their garden on the vertical planks of the fences, installing stands or pots for different species of flowers and plants. Some creative owners install on the fences colored boxes for birds, or even carve their wood fences in different ways.

With a little patience and skill, these decorative ideas can be easily put into practice.

But before anything else, you should be concerned about decorating your fence without harming it. Protecting the fence starts with knowing the particularities of the material it is made from. Brick or asphalt fences can crack, wood, vinyl and metal can be scratched and stained, while a living fence can be affected in multiple ways. According to Arvada fence company pros, to protect your fence, avoid mechanical shocks, avoid decorations that require the execution of operations that can weaken its structure, and generally avoid performing operations that are not adequate with the material the fence is made of.

How to Maintain a Cedar Fence

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Wood is a natural material, so wooden fences are the most exposed type of fences to the elements: sun, frost, moisture, pests and mold affect them directly, so they need constant maintenance and even refurbishing. You do not need any in-depth specialized knowledge to know what you need to do to protect your wooden fence, but sometimes the help of a cedar residential fencing company Denver pro can be helpful.

Before you get started, check if the fence is in good condition. Rain, wind, frost, or even insects and animals can affect the integrity of a fence, so it is advisable to repair the problems before you begin the maintenance operations.

residential fencing company Denver

For this you need to check each nail, screw, plank or railing and fix the loose or broken elements. Make sure you also inspect carefully the bottom of the fence, where the planks meet the ground, to identify and potential rot issues.

The next step is cleaning the fence and sanding it (which helps removing scratches and roughness caused by moisture and allows the lacquer/ paint to adhere better). The final step in the wood fence maintenance involves the application of lacquer or paint, with the role of protecting the fence from the weather and the action of pests and enhancing its aspect.

The Most Common Mistakes Made During DIY Fence Installations

Metro Fence professional installation and repair

Metro Fence professional installation and repair

Installing your own fence might seem like an easy task, especially if the fencing design that you are planning to use is simple. In most cases, the process is fairly simple, indeed, but even so, many property owners who choose DIY fence installation are eventually dissatisfied with the outcome. The reason why DIY fences are sometimes less than perfect is the mistakes and poor judgement during the material purchasing and installation process – here is a list from Metro Fence with some of the most common DIY fencing mistakes to help you avoid them:

  • Buying poor quality materials – lower quality material is cheaper, but very often looks just as attractive as more expensive varieties. However, lower quality material is likely to get damaged prematurely, so you should never make that compromise;
  • Using fence posts that are too short or not digging holes that are deep enough for installing the posts – the posts will give your fence its stability, so they need to be anchored properly in the ground to be able to withstand winds and storms. Ideally, fence posts need to go down at least one third of their height and they also need to be secured with concrete and gravel;
  • Using untreated material for wooden fences – wood should always be treated with suitable, moisture and insect repellent coatings to prevent premature deterioration. Don’t forget to reapply the coatings at regular intervals, too.

Ideas to Update Your Yard This Summer

summer dyi projects

summer dyi projectsWhen the weather turns warmer and nature comes back to life, we all want to spend more time outside. Winter usually takes its toll on buildings as well as on landscapes, so if you want to make your yard a really pleasant space, you will probably need to do at least a little bit of cleaning. However, while you are at it, there is no reason why you should not add a touch of new design to the space – here are some simple, low-cost ideas for a yard update in spring:
– Refresh your furniture – take a look at your outdoor furniture to see whether the pieces have suffered any severe damage. If there are items that are beyond repair, toss them, but if your pieces are just a little bit worn, clean them and paint them, then add some bright-colored pillows;
– Check out your fencing. Now is a good time to have experienced Arvada fence company contractors repair and replace perimeter or decorative fencing. They will provide excellent quality and service.
– Build a fire pit – you can use inexpensive materials to build the pit or you can have a large masonry fireplace built. You can use the pit not only for making barbeques – you can light a fire and sit around it with friends any time you want;
– Add lights – you can use long LED strings that you wrap around your trees or you can use solar-powered lights on stakes to light the paths.

Will Your New Fence Affect the Trees in Your Yard?

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Ideally, new fences are installed in a way that does not harm the existing features of the space that the fence will surround, protecting the trees, shrubs and other type of vegetation on the line where the fence will be installed. There are two ways to protect the trees in your yard against damage caused by fence installation:

  • You can either have Denver fence companies install your fence at a distance from your trees, making sure that the installation does not affect the roots of your trees. Tree roots usually extend in a circle the diameter of which corresponds to the edge of the tree’s crown, but to make sure that the installation process causes no damage, it is a good idea to expand the distance between the tree and the fence a couple of inches more;

Denver fence companies

  • You can move the trees that grow where your fence will be installed – modern excavation technology allows for safely removing and replanting even large, old trees. You will need some large machines for the process and you will also need to have a large hole dug out for the replanting, but it is a great way for preserving your tree and for having a new fence at the same time.

DIY Tips for Fixing A Split Rail Fence

Brighton fencing repair
Brighton fencing repair

Split rail fences are very durable and long lasting, but they are not infallible. Occasionally, pieces must be replaced. Fixing a split rail fence requires replacing the rail. You can either have expert Brighton fencing professionals complete repairs, or you can follow the tips below.

First, you have to dig out a post and the vegetation close to it, so you can put in the new rail.  For this operation, you will need a shovel or a posthole digger. Dig carefully and remove the post, then enlarge the hole a bit. It you did not do it already, use a chainsaw and cut a new post to match; use the measurements of the previous one.

Once you insert the new post in the hole, attach the rails, put pack the earth and compact it firmly. The next step is to ensure that the post is perfectly vertical. You can do this by using a 4-foot level.

Stretch a nylon string between the post you have just inserted and nearest existing fence post and use it to center the rail between the two posts. Insert rails into both sides of the post.

If necessary, re-plant the vegetation that had to be removed earlier.

Helpful Hints For Installing Your Own Fence

Brighton fence installation


Although apparently the idea of ​​building a fence seems simple, it is important to know a number of useful tips before actually starting the project; they will help you make the right decisions.

First of all, determine the purpose of the fence. Some people install a fence for protection, others to enjoy better privacy etc.  Knowing the purpose of your fence is very important for the next step: choosing the materials. Some fencing materials are very durable and provide enhanced protection, while others are rather ornamental.

When you choose the material for your new fence, you must also take into account the styles and colors available. The fence has to match the house.

Brighton fence installation

Before installing a fence, you have to know that digging is not possible without marking underground utilities. It is your responsibility to call 811 and have your yard marked by locating specialists. If you hire a contractor, it is your contractor that should make the call; contractors are required to obtain all the necessary permits before starting their work.

As much as you would like DIY projects, installing a fence can be a difficult task. If you have no experience at all, the safest thing is to call on Brighton fence professionals.