The Average Lifespan of a Fence

chain link Brighton fencing

If you are currently in the process of choosing the best material for your fence, it is important to find out how long you can expect your fence to protect your property. Here is what the most common Brighton fencing materials offer in terms of longevity:

  • Wooden fences – the most attractive of all available materials is also the shortest-lived. However, with proper maintenance, regular inspections and timely repairs, you can expect your wood fence to stay healthy and solid for about 20 years;

chain link Brighton fencing

  • Chain link fences – these sturdy Brighton fencing constructions are made from wire made from galvanized steel or from other metal alloys and many of these fences use wire that is covered in plastic for even more resistance. Chain link Brighton fencing can be expected to resist for at least 30 years;
  • Vinyl fences – the synthetic material is very popular due to its attractive appearance, its affordability and for the expected lifespan of at least 40 years. Vinyl fences don’t need any special maintenance, but broken components cannot be repaired, so the only way to fix such damage is through replacement;
  • Masonry fences – these constructions are the strongest, most durable of them all: your masonry fence can be relied on for 50+ years without requiring any special attention or maintenance (other than occasional cleaning and inspection, of course).

Simple Ways to Dress Up A Chain Link Fence

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Chain link is surely among the best, most durable and most affordable fence materials, but it is kind of lacking when it comes to visual appeal. However, the simple construction of chain link fences make decoration easy – here are some of the best ways to hide or dress up your chain link Westminster fencing:

  • Use it as a trellis – plant some attractive, fast-growing climbing vegetation at the base of the fence and guide the plants to go up on the fence. It might take a couple of years for the pants to cover the fence, but if you are patient, your reward will be a beautiful, natural fence;

chain link Westminster fencing

  • Hang small decorations on the fence – you can use colorful pieces of textile, stones, beads or colored glass, your decorations will look great in the sunshine;
  • Add some paint – choose an attractive color that matches your landscape design and the style of your building and paint the fence. The method will highlight the fence, rather than conceal it, so try to prevent any drips or other painting mistakes while you are applying the stain;
  • Install a screen – bamboo screens are cheap and attractive and great for improving your privacy as well.

Choosing the Right Fence Color for Your Exterior

Arvada fence company design

Arvada fence company design

Colors are very important design components on the interior as well as on the exterior of your property, including the fence. If you are currently looking for the right color to use on your fence, here are some tips from Arvada fence company design specialists for you:

  • Consider durability – transparent, colorless stain lasts for about two years, semi-transparent products last for about a year longer, while solid, pigmented stains can last for up to 5 years;
  • Coordinate with the trim color on your building exterior – this is the best and easiest way to create a consistent design for your entire property;
  • Consider the texture as well – if you have a solid fence, you can choose to create a pattern on the surface that matches the texture of the material used on your exterior walls. You can also choose a color that is a continuation of the wall color, not of the trim;
  • Black, one of the trendiest options right now – black stain or paint is elegant, easy to maintain, it works with any building style and it is also suitable for any landscape design, for gardens with pretty flower beds as well as for landscapes with a lawn, smaller and larger shrubs and trees.

What Types Of Wood Is Best for Fences

Denver fence companies

Denver fence companies

A wooden fence make great addition on any property – whatever the style of your building, whatever the layout of your landscape, you can use wood for building not only a picket fence, but a privacy fence as well. However, not all wood varieties are suitable for building fences – per highly rated Denver fence companies, here are the types most commonly used:

  • Pine – one of the most common choices, preferred for its affordability and its longevity. The material is also very easy to work with and it resists quite well to humidity and temperature changes;
  • Cedar – the material is very durable and it also contains compounds that repel insects, so your cedar fence will be avoided by termites and by other critters and it will provide a great solution for the delimitation of your property;
  • Redwood – another wood variety that is avoided by insects and very durable, redwood is the preferred choice for many properties due to its attractive grain pattern and beautiful colors;
  • Cypress – this wood variety is attractive to the human eye, but completely unattractive for insects. The fences made from cypress require very little maintenance and will resist for decades without requiring the owners to repair them all the time.

Choosing the Right Height for your Fence

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Naturally, the first things that attract attention to a house are the fence and the entry gate. Thus, choosing the fence should be a well-calculated decision because, in addition to affecting the aspect of the house, it also interferes with the exterior space. Besides, once installed, a fence is likely to stay there for many years, even until the demolition of the house.

One of the frequent dilemmas refers to the height that a fence should have. The answer is not simple and depends primarily on the role of the fence.

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If the main function of the fence is to delimit the private space from the public space, provide protection for children or animals, or simply enhance the appearance of the property, then the best choice may be a not very high fence, but which must be fully functional and visually matching the house. But if you are looking for intimacy, you will automatically need a higher fence. Although it will cover much of the facade of the house, a high fence must still be matched visually with it, by choosing, for example, a model with the same color as the roof. You also have to consider the local regulations before deciding on the height of your fence. You must find out what restrictions exist in your area and which is the maximum legal height of a fence. A well informed residential fence company can help you determine what fence will fit your objective, budget, and neighborhood covenants.

In some cases, the height of the fence is also a matter of style.

Tips for Staying on Top of Fence Repairs

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Fencing materials are for building durable and resistant structures to give your property all the curb appeal, protection and privacy it needs, but despite that strength, no property owner should underestimate the power of the elements or should neglect regular fencing maintenance and timely repairs. If your fence is well-maintained, the damage that the elements can cause in your fence are likely to be only minor and easy to fix, so here are some tips from a local Brighton fence company for you about how to achieve that durable fence health and how to stay on top of your fence repairs:

  • Regular inspections – whatever material your fence is made from, you need to inspect the structure every six months and you also need to clean it to maintain its attractive appearance and to make it easier to detect damage;

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  • Timely fixes – the damage that you find during your inspection needs to be corrected before it becomes more serious. If you have a metal fence, the damage you should look for is rust, while wood fences tend to develop rot and mildew. In their early stages, both types of damage are easy to repair, but after the repair, you should take care of prevention as well, by applying a suitable coating for protecting your fence from any harm in the future.

Commercial Fencing Solutions and the Most Common Fencing Materials

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The requirements that commercial fencing needs to fulfil are very similar to the requirements pertaining to residential fencing, but commercial applications need to provide much sturdier solutions for all those requirements, therefore the materials used for making these fences are slightly different. The principle roles of both residential and commercial fencing are access control, security, visual appeal and property delimitation, but commercial facilities usually carry large inventories of products and other very expensive assets, so the fences that surround them need to be able to deliver the best performance. Here are some of the most popular, time-tested materials used for making commercial fences:chain link fence in Denver

  • Chain link – the durable chain link fence Denver material is very sturdy and great for property delimitation purposes as well as for protection against intruders;
  • Barbed wire – the material uses sharp barbs located on the top of the fence, which makes it the preferred solution for areas where access control is essential as well as on farms where livestock needs to be safely contained;
  • Ornamental aluminium and steel – made from heavy-duty materials, these fences suit aesthetic as well as protection purposes;
  • Composite fencing – a relatively new material on market, composite panels are made from a mix of plastic, resin and wood. The material is available in many different styles and it is suitable for building very tall fences for complete privacy.

How To Fix Your Wood Fence

Denver fence company wood fence repair

Denver fence company wood fence repair

Wood fences are attractive components on any property, but the natural material is sensitive to the effects of the weather, even if it is properly treated with protective substances, such as paints and coating layers. Fortunately, according to skilled Denver fence company contractors, wood fences are not very difficult to repair – here are a few tips how:

  • Cleaning – to be able to see how extensive the damage is, you need a clean surface, so before you start any repair operation, clean the fence properly. All you will need is some warm water and a mild detergent – apply the mix on the fence using a sponge, scrub a bit, then wait until the surface is completely dry;
  • Remove the damaged parts – rot and mildew are the most common issues with wood fences. Make sure to remove the damaged parts, scraping the wood until your reach solid material, then correct the issue with some putty and repaint the fence part to its original color;
  • Insect attacks – if large portions of your fence have been damaged by insects, such as termites, you will have to remove the panels completely, but if the pests have caused only minor damage, you can easily remove the damaged sections and correct the wood the same way as in the case of rot, then treat the wood with an insect repellant coating and paint it.

Great Fencing Options for Your Dog

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Dog owners know only too well the challenges of finding the right fence option to prevent their animal from wandering off and getting injured or lost.

The most common types of fences used for dogs are chain link fences, wooden privacy fences and electric containment systems. Each one has pros and cons.

Brighton fence company chain link fences provide decent security, but sometimes they cannot prevent the dog from escaping, especially if they are not tall enough. Many dogs learn to climb them. The animal sees though it and this may be a disadvantage in the case of over-excitable dog, who will bark at everything they see…

Brighton fence company  - pet security

Wooden privacy fences provide security and also restrict the view of the animal. The drawback is that you may need a permit to build a fence over a certain height.

Electric containment systems transmit a signal that is picked up by a receiver installed in the dog`s collar.  When the animal is too close to the limit, the system sends warning tone sounds; if the dog attempts to go further, he will feel an electric shock that will teach him stay inside the perimeter. However, if the animal manages to runs through the electric containment system, he will not be able to return without receiving another shock, which will make him reluctant to come home.

Garden Landscapes That Work with Your Fence

Denver fence companies

Denver fence companies

Some property owners choose their fence to match the already existing garden, while others create the landscape to match the style of the fence. Whatever you approach, ideally, the fence and the garden work together to create a harmonious space that is functional and is a delight to spend time in. Here are some tips to achieve the goal:

  • Determine the goal of the fence – your fence can delimit the space, it can camouflage your space to protect its privacy, it can add an element of style or it can play all the three roles simultaneously. Chain link fences, for example, serve as space limits, but they hold no aesthetic value, therefore it is a good idea to extend your garden and cover the fence with some climbing vegetation. Wood and stone fences, on the other hand, add style to your garden on their own and they are also great for privacy;
  • Decide on the height – this aspect will determine functionality, privacy as well as the overall style of your outdoor space. Choose the height to match the purpose of the fence – if the fence plays merely an aesthetic role, you can keep it low, but if you need it to provide protection, pick the height based on your needs after consulting with local fence experts at and with local building codes.