Most Famous Fences around the World

decorative steel fencing
This may not be something that won’t let you sleep at night, but you might find it interesting to know more about the most famous fences around the world.
Dingo Fence, Australia
Southeast Australia is separated from the rest of the continent by an impressive fence that is over 5,000 kilometers long! It is not only the longest fence in the world but also the most guarded, and its maintenance costs over 10 million US dollars annually. This construction is meant to protect domestic animals from the most dangerous beast in Australia – the dingo dogs. The electric current, passing through the fence, is an additional protection, and is generated by solar panels. This fence also separates the most populated part of the continent from the deserted areas.
Aquarium Fence, Turkey
A businessperson from Turkey built around his villa the most eccentric fence. His luxury home is located in Çeşme, Izmir, and eight years ago, the millionaire replaced the metal fence with a huge aquarium, over 50 meters long and full of hundreds of fish and octopuses. The aquarium fence became one of the main tourist attractions in the region.
Lock Fence
Paris’ famous Pont des Arts has a fence where couples who are in love can fasten a padlock and throw away the key, as a symbol of their eternal love. However, a few years ago, the fence collapsed due to the weight of thousands locks… or so much love perhaps…
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Tips for Making Your Fence Part of the Landscape

The first things that attract attention to a house are the fence and the entrance door. How do we choose the right fence for our home and garden?
landscape fence design
First you have to decide if the fence will have rather a decorative or protective role. Depending on the functionality of the fence, you will be able to choose the style, dimensions and materials to integrate it harmoniously with the style of the house and the landscape style and design.

Living fence
This type of fence can be made from climbing plants or various ornamental shrubs. You will have to clip them regularly to keep your fence neatly defined.

Wrought iron fence
If you have a beautiful garden in front of the house, and it does not bother you to be admired by people who pass by, you can opt for a wrought iron fence. It is one of the most elegant solutions.

Fence made of brick, natural stone or reinforced concrete
If the fence has to protect you against indiscretions and intruders, the solution is a high fence, made from brick, natural stone blocks, concrete or combinations of them. This option is very useful for fences separating two properties.

Wooden fence
For a rustic style, you can opt for a wooden fence combined with a foundation and columns made from natural stone. To extend its life, a wooden fence must be properly treated.

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History of the White Picket Fence

white picket fence

Etymologically, “picket” comes from the French verb “piquer” (to pierce), which explains the shape of the picket.
White picket fences are associated with the American identity. Not as if they are a part of the citizenship test, but white fences have been around since colonial times, when they used to symbolize wealth, and they kept standing even after the US gained their independence from Great Britain.
Population continued to grow and fences became more and more necessary to mark the claimed land. Picket fences are relatively simple to create and install, even for those who do not possess woodworking skills, so they become very popular. Using white paint was a way to make these fences more visible and cosmetically pleasing. What used to be a trend became a tradition.
Today, white picket fences are still a common sight especially in the suburbs, marking property boundaries, symbolizing safety as well as mobility. It is the most desirable type of fences due to various reasons:
– it is affordable and aesthetically pleasing
– it can be easily seen by day and by night
– it doesn’t block view toward the outside or the inside
– it is not a tall fence, but it still marks boundaries very well and keeps safely inside what must stay inside.
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Climbing Plants That Work with Your Fence

plants growing on fence

Climbing plants look great on fences – they are just what your plain fence needs to turn heads. If you would like to ornate your fences with some attractive, climbing plants, here are top tips from Denver fence company pros:
– Variegatum – also known as variegated jasmine, this medium-sized evergreen works great for fences in sunny locations. The plant has glossy leaves and cute white flowers that turn yellow as they age;
– Trumpet vine – this woody climber can grow really tall and it is a great plant to embellish west-facing fences. The bright orange or red flowers look like tiny trumpets and they are there to admire them from late summer to late fall;
– Ivy of Uruguay – this evergreen climber is a slender, delicate, but a very resistant plant that thrives well in shady areas. Its flowers are not very spectacular, but the black berries that the plant develops following the flowering period look really great;
– Chocolate vine – another great choice for south-facing fences or for fences that get filtered light. It has bright green leaves and fragrant purple flowers that are followed by long purple fruits;
– Morning glory – another vigorous climber that brings spectacular, pink and blue striped flowers all summer.

Does My Home Need Privacy Fencing?

Any homeowner who wants to make sure that their life is not constantly exposed to the eyes of strangers needs a privacy Westminster fencing consultation to find out the best affordable options for backyard privacy.
privacy fencing
These fences are a special type of fence designed to ensure the homeowner’s privacy by blocking out prying eyes.
The principle role of a privacy fence built around a property being to form a shield between the property it is installed around and the outside world, your fence needs to be tall enough and suitably solid for being efficient. The recommended height is over 4-6 feet and you need to pick a fence style that does not have large gaps between the components. This also means that chain-link fences are excluded, but there are still lots of materials and styles to choose from:
– Vinyl – the most affordable material chosen by many homeowners for their privacy fences for the durability and the attractive appearance offered;
– Wood – another popular, though a bit more expensive fence material that needs regular attention and maintenance, but is excellent for privacy fences;
– Metal – homeowners can choose from among lots of attractive and clever metal fence solutions to ensure the privacy of their property. Metal fences are also durable and they don’t require too much maintenance.

How to Make Your Fence Work with Your Landscape

fencing curb appeal
Fences are essential components of any property, so you probably cannot do without them, but to have a harmonious landscape, you need fences that blend in well with the other items in your garden or yard – here is how to make your fences more attractive:
– Painting – getting fences that harmonize with the color of your building or with the accents on and around the house is the easiest way to integrate the property boundary markers into the overall design of your property;
– Get some climbing plants – most climbing plants recommended for fences grow fast and are very resilient. There are lots of flowering and non-flowering varieties to choose from;
– Mix materials to create a stunning fence – choose different styles, colors and materials to create an attractive fence. You can combine natural stone with stainless steel or wood and mesh;
– Consider using offset wood panels – installing several offset panels made from wood and stained to achieve a color that works well with your building and the type of the landscape in the area to be fenced in is a great way to block the view and to increase the privacy of your property;
– Get inspiration from the other properties in the neighborhood to create a fence that works well not only with your landscape, but with the other homes in your street as well.
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Questions to Help You Decide on A Great Fence

Buying a great fence is not easy – there are lots of aspects to bear in mind. Here are a few ideas to guide you:
– Function – fences play several roles, such as design, privacy, security. Some types provide more security, while others are more for adding curb appeal to your property, so try to figure out your priorities before picking the fence style and material;
– Cost – assign a budget to your fence installation project and choose the style that fits into it. Some common fence materials, such as wood, natural stone or cast iron are more expensive, while aluminum and vinyl are more affordable;
– Durability – wood fences need to be regularly inspected, maintained and coated to ensure durability, while metal and synthetic materials are less maintenance-intensive;
– Design – the best fence is one that integrates well with the rest of your property. Try to choose a style that matches the style of your home as well as the fence styles used on the neighboring properties; Specialty designed ornamental iron fence Denver craftsman can help make you design unique and note worthy.

ornamental fencing

– Color – though most fences can be stained or painted any time after the installation is complete, it is a good idea to plan ahead and to figure out what color will work best on your property.

How to Pick Your Perfect Fence for Your New Home

So you just bought a brand new house, and you have to choose a fence for it. This isn’t usually a problem, however, if you really want to make your fence stylish and looking great, then you have to remember a few important points:

• Take a good look at your neighborhood. What types of fences and gates do your neighbors have? What are their colors? What are the colors of their homes and roofing? These points will help you choose a fence design and color that will blend in perfectly with the surrounding scenery.
• Consider matching your fence not only to your home’s color, but also to the colors that are present in your property landscape. What landscaping elements are there, and what types of trees and flowers are usually planted in your garden?
• Finally, choose a design based not only on aesthetics, but on the practical benefits you want as well. Do you prefer privacy fencing? A Privacy gate? Would you rather have an indestructible fence that keeps intruders away? Or maybe you just want the classic, white picket fence, but made from durable vinyl.

fence and gate installation

Regardless of where you live, your fence is a definite fashion statement, and its design will reflect upon your personality and creative expression. With the tips presented above, and the help of quality fencing and Westminster gate installation, you can make the most out of choosing the right fencing solutions for your new home.

Finding the Most Suitable Fencing Designs from the Colorado Home Show

home and garden display
Home and garden shows are pretty big in Colorado, and if you just moved to the area, attending one could help you get some new information about the types of home design elements you might want to consider. Renewing your home with the best products and materials is what it’s all about, and when it comes to that, nothing makes a better statement than finding a high quality fence that not only keeps prying eyes and intruders out of your yard, but also features the latest trend designs that Colorado residents would approve of.

The Colorado home show is an event that allows individuals and businesses, like AAA rated and bonded Westminster fencing contractors, to examine some of the newest home improvement products and designs currently available on the market. Aside from fences, it also offers new interior decoration trends, as well as siding and roofing products that you might want to consider. What’s even better is that the Colorado home show brings together some of the most knowledgeable and friendly vendors in the entire state.

If you want the best type of fence, you’ll find a myriad of options available at the Colorado home show. From flowing designs for metal fences, to sturdy looking wood and vinyl fencing meant for modern homes, there’s a lot you can see here. Browse through the items, mingle with the vendors, and find what you’re looking for in no time at all.