Ideas to Update Your Yard This Summer

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summer dyi projectsWhen the weather turns warmer and nature comes back to life, we all want to spend more time outside. Winter usually takes its toll on buildings as well as on landscapes, so if you want to make your yard a really pleasant space, you will probably need to do at least a little bit of cleaning. However, while you are at it, there is no reason why you should not add a touch of new design to the space – here are some simple, low-cost ideas for a yard update in spring:
– Refresh your furniture – take a look at your outdoor furniture to see whether the pieces have suffered any severe damage. If there are items that are beyond repair, toss them, but if your pieces are just a little bit worn, clean them and paint them, then add some bright-colored pillows;
– Check out your fencing. Now is a good time to have experienced Arvada fence company contractors repair and replace perimeter or decorative fencing. They will provide excellent quality and service.
– Build a fire pit – you can use inexpensive materials to build the pit or you can have a large masonry fireplace built. You can use the pit not only for making barbeques – you can light a fire and sit around it with friends any time you want;
– Add lights – you can use long LED strings that you wrap around your trees or you can use solar-powered lights on stakes to light the paths.

Tips for Preventing Fence Rust

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Iron fences are some of the best solutions for adding security and also enhance the aspect of your property. However, just like other fencing materials, metal has its specific problems, and the word “rust” sums them up. Preventing fence rust is very important for the aspect and durability of the fence.

ornamental iron fence

An ornamental iron fence in Denver requires periodic maintenance and some special tools, considering that in some cases you will need to remove existing rust first, as well as debris and dirt that interfere with the rust-proofing treatment. Typically, these tools include gloves, goggles, a face mask, a disc sander and sand paper, a wire brush for scrubbing, a rust removing solution and mineral oil.

Start by assessing the condition of your fence and then start cleaning the existent rust and debris. Once you have removed what was possible to remove, apply the rust cleaner, allow it to react and then use a water hose to rinse the cleaner and the remaining loose rust. These steps can be repeated if necessary.

Wipe dry the surface of the fence and apply a special rust proof coating as a primer and then apply a sealer or paint your fence as you wish.

Tips for Creating Innovative Fence Designs

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Creating the fence design that provides the right level of protection for your property and works with your building as well as with your landscape is essential for the harmony that you need with your home. Fortunately, you can choose not only to have a traditional fence – there are lots of innovative design ideas by Arvada fencing pros that can make your fence stand out, while also adding functionality. Here are some tips for you:

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  • Use horizontal slats instead of vertically positioned planks – this approach will allow you to save on material costs and to create a fence that is functional and stylish in a minimalist sort of way. You can add even more class to your fence using contrasting colors for the slats and for the posts, the combination of black and white looks stunning;
  • Vertical timbers – thick, chunky timber pieces installed at a small distance from each other, without any horizontal components is a great way to create a fence that is rustic and contemporary at the same time;
  • Combine two materials – natural-colored wood components alternated with etched metal elements or brick elements combined with aluminum also look great, especially if you add some colors, too;
  • A bamboo fence – bamboo is a strong and versatile material, just perfect for organic fences that also feature a dramatic look.

Fence Maintenance Tasks for Spring

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Springtime is the ideal time for assessing the damage sustained by your property during the winter and to do some thorough cleaning in and around the house, followed by the maintenance work deemed necessary. Fences are essential components of any property and they also need cleaning as well as maintenance, especially if the winter was hard – here are the most important fence maintenance tasks for Denver fence companies for the spring:Denver fence companies

  • Cleaning – a mix of mild soap and warm water is just perfect for removing the impurities from the surface of the fence components. If you have a metal fence, you can scrub off rust and spots of stubborn dirt with a toothbrush. When you are done cleaning the fence, rinse the fence with clean water and let it dry before you move on to the next steps;
  • Repairs – when the fence is clean, perform a thorough inspection to identify any faults that need repair. Bent metal components can be straightened using some heat and a hammer, damaged wood components can be corrected or replaced. If you see extensive rusted areas, apply a special rust-removal product to make sure the surface is entirely rust-free;
  • Waxing or coating – applying a sealant, such as wax in case of wooden fences and other coatings for metal fences is essential for maintaining the fence in good condition.

How to Get Your Home Ready for a New Fence

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A brand new fence can be a beautiful addition to your home as well as a genuine fashion statement. It can also help you keep your home safe from intruders and burglars. Regardless of why you want to get one, you’ll find that it’s highly important to properly prepare your home before you even start looking for a contractor. Once you do look for a contractor, know that Westminster fencing pros repair or replace and install all types of fences.

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If you have a larger garden or any overgrown vegetation, and trees along the border of your grounds, it’s important to take proper care of them as well. Make sure you trim the vegetation and cut any large tree branches that could interfere with your new fence installation.

It’s also a good idea to prepare your house from an aesthetic standpoint. A new fence won’t look like much if it’s set against the background of a house that looks old and rundown. So make sure you repair or replace your roof, paint the exterior walls, or even get new siding if necessary. Livening up your garden and getting an outdoor kitchen can also work.

Finally, since installing a new fence is also a digging job, call 811 to contact your local utility experts before you get your contractor to start working. They will inspect your grounds and make sure to mark any utility lines such as electric wires, internet cords or gas pipes that might be running under your property and that would need to be avoided.

What are the Best Fencing Materials?

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If you plan a fencing project on your property, your priority is to select quality  materials, in order to create a long lasting fence.

You can choose from many materials, depending on the type and functionality of the fence you want to install. Here are pros and cons about some of the most popular Brighton fencing options.

Metal fences

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When it comes to metal fences, they are typically made of aluminum, steel,  forged iron and chain-link. Aluminum Brighton fencing is the most versatile, iron fencing is mostly used with automatic gates, to protect properties, while forged iron fences are mostly decorative. Chain-link Brighton fencing is popular in agriculture and industry.

Metal fences are durable and require little maintenance compared to wood fences, but some of these materials can also be very expensive.

Vinyl fences

This is probably the most convenient fencing option, considering the wide range of styles, as well as factors like durability and strength. Vinyl is resistant to weather, as well as to wear and tear and requires almost no maintenance.

Wood fences

These fences are some of the most aesthetically appealing, due to the natural aspect of the wood. However, they also require regular maintenance, which may be quite expensive. Wood has to be treated against moisture and insect attack.

Is Excavation Really Necessary Just to Install a New Gate and Fence?

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The question of whether or not excavation is necessary when installing fences and gates in Denver is quite an important one. While, for some small gates and fences, you’ll only need your shovel and a couple of days of free time, others are far more complex. While you won’t necessarily be able to dig deep enough on your own to keep them solid and standing, an excavator can do that for you.

So, when is excavation work needed? The answers should be quite simple:

  • The first time when excavation is necessary will be when the fence you install is larger and covers a greater area than most common fences. While you might still be able to get the job done manually, it would be a lot more difficult.
  • Another time is when the ground is hard or frozen. During these times you probably won’t want to spend too much outside, since it’s either extremely cold and everything froze, or extremely warm, and the hot local sunlight already turned the soil hard and barren a long time ago.

Although you might consider a regular excavator, there’s a lot to be said about hydro excavation as well. Aside from being one of the most powerful types of excavation currently available, it’s also the only one that can break through frozen soil without damaging tree roots and utility lines.

Do Fences Need Maintenance in Winter?

In the case of fences, maintenance depends on the materials they are made from.  Regardless the season, a vinyl fence is almost maintenance-free, while for wood and metal fences you must create a maintenance routine, during every season, to be sure that they remain in good shape and nothing affects the protection they provide.

In winter, wood fences that were not cleaned from mold and mildew will start to rot. winter fence maintenanceTo prevent this, you must inspect the fence in the beginning of the season and identify the problematic areas. Have Denver fence company pros replace broken boards, clean the fence properly and apply a protective layer of paint or varnish to seal the wood and preserve the fence. Also look for rotten posts and make sure to seal the gaps that may appear between fence posts and the concrete into which they are set.

A wood fence may also get damaged by falling tree limbs that cracks under the weight of the snow, so make sure to trim back those dangerously looking branches.

As for a metal fence, it must be cleaned and painted before the winter. Any signs of rust must be removed carefully by scrubbing with a wire brush and some elbow grease. When you repaint the fence, make sure to use a rust-resistant paint, designed for exterior elements.


Tips for Choosing a Great Fence Gate

Naturally, the first things that attract attention to a property are the fence and gate. These elements have the power to influence the viewers’ perception therefore they must never be underestimated.

When we choose the fence, we must determine whether it will have a decorative or protective role. Its functionality will determine the style, as well as the dimensions and materials. The fence and gate Denver contractors can help you integrate harmoniously with the style of the property and with the design of the yard.

gatesAs far as the front gate is concerned, it can be made from various materials (forged iron, wood, PVC etc.), as long as they make it a good match for the fence and the other exterior elements and arrangements.

You must carefully evaluate your usable space, in order to determine the right type of gate you can install. Am ample space can easily accommodate any design, but smaller areas translate into limited options when it comes to choosing a front gate.

Gates with automatic operation via a remote control become increasingly common, as they provide convenience and security. If you consider installing an automated sliding gate, remember that you need sliding space along the fence. For certain field conformations and less available space, you can opt for an automatic swinging gate, which is more expensive, but it is a price you pay for functionality.

How Much do Fence Replacements Cost?

Fences are a great addition for Denver property owners who like to define their space and keep it away from prying eyes. Fences can also be used with aesthetic or security purposes (mostly in the case of commercial properties).

When a fence is too damaged or too old, it must be replaced. This operation requires an inveornamental iron fencestment that depends on several factors: the length of the fence to be replaced, the material it is made from and the labor costs (unless you install it yourself). For instance, a luxury ornamental iron fence in Denver will most likely be more expensive than a wooden fence.

Another important factor to be taken into account if you replace your fence entirely is the design of the new fence. Maybe you want something different, perhaps higher, which will also affect the price. If you only replace a damaged portion of the fence, take into account only the factors mentioned in the first place.

When it comes to labor costs, different types of repairs have different prices. There are projects that involve replacing some damaged sections of the fence, replacing posts, missing boards or gates and there are more complicated projects that involve replacing a fence entirely with a new one that may require a different foundation and have other and more demanding installation requirements.

Use an online calculator that will help you estimate the cost once you provide the required information.