How Do You Really Know When It’s Time to Invest in a Brand New Fence?

Aravada privacy fencing

Fencing work is important whether you just moved to a new home or you had your home for a long time. When it comes to deciding on when it’s time to invest in a new fence, however, you’ll find that your choices can differ depending on what you need precisely:

  • Your old fence might need a lot of repairs. This is a sure sign that you should consider a new fence, since the repairs you make will just cost more and more, to the point that they just won’t be profitable anymore. Under these circumstances, installing new Arvada fencing might become your only option very soon.
  • Another case when a new fence might be required is when you need a new upgrade. For example, if your old fence is somewhat flimsy and you want to boost your home’s safety and security, installing a new fence made from a more durable and resilient material should be done immediately.

Aravada privacy fencing

  • You might also need a new fence to adjust how well it tackles your privacy. If you want to live a more private life and not always worry about your neighbors peeking into your back yard, you might need to get rid of your old transparent or picket fence, and get a new one that doesn’t let anyone see what’s on your property.

Innovative Fencing Designs: Modular Living Fence Systems

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This is really a great innovation in fencing design: modular living fences that can be installed in a blink of an eye, without waiting for them to grow and/ or bloom naturally. It is a great solution for this world that seems to lack patience and be in a hurry all the time.

living fence

The system is even more ingenious as it offers great protection. The plant holder is a galvanized steel wire mesh 5 mm thick, guaranteed by the manufacturer for 10 years and with an estimated life span of 45 years. Just perfect to be covered by plants, which will soon mask completely the metal support! Check with a local Denver fence company to see if this is the right fence for your home and garden.

The modular living fence system is perfect – an ideal solution for the protection and privacy of a property or perimeter. On the other hand, it is a welcomed green solution. Every living fence contributes to the reduction of pollution and changes positively the urban landscape, right after installation. It is amazing that it has so many applications, from home fences, to restaurant and cafe screens, exhibition stands, leisure areas, but also to over-ground parking or to the protection of walls and panels on the sides of the motorways. Manufacturers also created these modular living fence systems as a very good solution against vandalism with graffiti.

How Will Installing a Brand New Fence Affect Your Lawn Work?

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Tending to your lawn is a year long activity that you’ll have to take care of almost constantly. Even when the cold winter months arrive, you’ll still have to do a lot in order to make sure your lawn stays in good enough order.

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It stands to reason, therefore, that you have to be very careful about how you manage your lawn after having Metro Fence Brighton install a brand new fence on your property, as well as during the installation process itself.

Because installing a new fence can require digging, it’s important to keep track of how the installation progresses. Was your lawn solid or damaged by cast away debris and dirt during installation? Have the workers trampled on it? Maybe your lawn was simply covered up for too long and you were forced to neglect it during the time that the project was underway.

Aside from these issues, it’s also important to note how the landscape, environment and ecosystem surrounding the lawn might be affected by a new fence. Aside from producing more shade (which can be avoided if need be), a new fence could end up damaging your lawn indirectly by becoming a disruptive influence on the environment and even affecting it as its material compound breaks down in the soil over time.

To avoid all these problems, consider the option of a stone or metal fence that will prevent a lot of the problems you’d otherwise run into.

How to Tell If Your Fence Is Disrupting the Wildlife

Are you looking to install a brand new fence? Maybe you want to decide if keeping the old one is a good idea or not. Regardless of the motive, you’ll find that learning how your fence might be disrupting the wildlife and plant life around it should be one of your main priorities:

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  1. The fence you own was built in an area ripe with vegetation, and is hindering the growth of trees, bushes and other plants. As a result, these ecosystems, which include the habitats of many animals and insects, will also be put to the test.
  2. Another sign that your fence is disrupting the wildlife around your home is the material it was made from. Some fences are made from organic materials and materials that are considered to be generally safe for the environment. Others, however, can break down under some conditions (such as being subjected to water or heat for a long time), and the compounds that they release into the environment as a result will definitely not be pleasant.
  3. Finally, some fences are tall and opaque, allowing no light to pass through them. This means some vegetation on either side of your fence might never gain access to sunlight, which could cause it to wither and die, also harming the animals that took shelter in or around it.

Knowing these facts is important, because they can help you better plan the fence you aim to install. Depending on your preference, an eco friendly residential fence company can help you chose what fence will be right for you, your budget, and your property.

Are Wooden Fences Safe in the Snow?

Denver wooden fence companyWood is the oldest fencing material and yes, wood fences are safe in every season and climate, if you provide them proper and regular maintenance. Vinyl or aluminum fences are almost maintenance-free, but wood is organic and just like any organic material, it is affected by moisture and ultimately it rots and disintegrate.

Fortunately, preventing this is not difficult, especially these days, when we have all kind of modern and efficient materials and solutions for ever problem.

When you have Denver fence companies build a wooden fence, make sure to choose the right type of wood and install it properly. Also, that wood must be cleaned annually and sealed with a special paint or varnish for outdoor elements. This way, moisture issues will be prevented.

Before the arrival of the winter, always have Denver fence pros check your wooden fence for softwood and identify the causes. Softwood may be the result of invasive insects that destroy wooden elements. In this case, you may also need to spray the fence with some special substances that will help you get rid of the insects, before patching the wood and apply the sealing solutions.

Tree branches may also crack during winter storms or under the weight of the snow and cause damage to your fence, so you should trim back the largest ones.

How Far From the Street Can You Build a Fence?

Many people want to maximize the size of their yard by installing the fence on top of their property line. Is this a good idea? And how far from the street can you build your fence?

It depends on where you live and the regulations specific to your city, county and covenant. If you have doubts, the best thing is to refer to the subdivisions protective covenants, or check with planning and zoning. Your experienced fence provider Metro Fence Company Inc, will be able to help you with this information as well.

Before you have your fence installed, get a survey from your county deed and assessor’s office, if you do not have it already, just to be sure that you do not accidentally put the fence outside your property`s line. If you do not do this and install your fence where it doesn’t belong, you will likely have legal issues and may be forced to rebuild your fence.

Typically, a fence must be set 2-8 inches from the property line. However, a subdivision with large yards is different than an urban row home, and those inches may vary, considering that they can make an important difference. This is why jurisdiction must be respected.

Also, if your home is a part of a homeowner’s association, you must comply with the association`s rules about fence placement.

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How to Decide How Much Fence You Need

The fence is an element that delimits and protects the property. However, besides these functional aspects, the fence also has an aesthetic role, providing personality to your home. In addition, building the fence is not a difficult project, and with some residential fencing company Denver technical skills and a little help, you can build one yourself.
To determine how much fence you need, you must first decide on the type of fence, the materials you prefer and measure the area you want to surround. The next step is to use the internet and search for online calculators, according to the type of fence that you plan to install. You will find various websites offering free calculators.

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For example, in the case of a wooden fence, you will have to enter a few required specs (the length and the height of the fence, the number of corners, the number of ends, upright picket width and gap between pickets), in inches or feet, and the wood fence calculator will determine for you exactly how much wood you need for your new fence (required post, rails and boards).
It is recommended to always buy 10% extra materials, just to ensure that you have enough for your construction project.

Making Your Fence Work with The Trees in Your Landscape

Creating a harmonious landscape in which the design of the fence works flawlessly with the trees is not an easy task and it takes a fair amount of patience to achieve, but it is not impossible either.
landscaping around fences
Many garden owners design the perfect layout for their garden, only to realize that the fence design does not integrate the way they want it to. This is when creativity and a little knowledge of botany comes into the picture: with some research, along with the
help of residential fence company pros, you can find shrubs and bushes that work well with your trees and grow relatively quickly to conceal the fence. Here are a few examples:
– Glossy abelia – this low-maintenance hedge shrub grows well in a variety of climate zones and it can reach the height of 10-12 feet quite quickly. The bush brings beautiful, light lavender-colored flowers that leave behind copper-colored sepals for an eye-catching splash of color in your fall garden;
– Pyracantha – this dense shrub produces small, orange-colored berries and attracts not only compliments, but birds to your garden as well;
– Ilex – also known as holly, ilex grows to create a dense bush that becomes covered in bright-colored berries in fall. The plants can reach the height of a small tree.