Do I Need to Have Utilities Marked Before Putting in A Fence and Gate?

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It’s possible to get too excited installing the fence that you’ve been wanting for. You have planned the style, materials, color and design of the fence, and you’ve already chosen your contractor and made the necessary arrangements with them. But there is one important thing you have to consider before you go on digging and beginning the installation process: you have to figure out what you could damage underground.

Before installing a fence and gate, it is important that you locate and mark your underground utility lines. Bear in mind that underneath the placement of your fence, there could be a network of utility lines such as power lines, water and sewer lines, sprinkler and pool lines, phone and internet lines, gas lines and many other utilities which could be damaged when you start digging for setting up fence posts.

Westminster gate installation

It’s a good idea that you locate and mark all underground utilities before setting up your fence. This will prevent damage to important service lines which might cause service interruptions that will cause inconvenience to you, your family and your neighborhood. Often times the fence company will initiate this step with the electrical company. Talk to approved Westminster gate installation and fence professionals for detailed instructions. 

To find out about the lines under your home, make sure you call 811 before starting any of your fencing work. If in case the utility experts you call cannot locate all the lines, you may need to track down older blueprints for your property and use potholing to find the physical location of any lines or pipes. Once all utility lines have been identified, located and marked, make sure that you brief your contractor about the issue so they may use the necessary measures to prevent damage to the utility lines.

A Quick Guide on How to Extend the Life Span of a Wooden Fence

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Wooden fences can be affected severely by the elements just as any wooden item. Wooden doors are often bent out of shaped or rotting away within a few years, if they were severely affected by water damage or the homeowner hasn’t used the proper maintenance solutions to keep it in good shape. The same can be said about wooden fences, which are even more exposed than doors or siding panels.

wooden Brighton fence maintenance

Maintaining wooden fences in good order and extending their life span is possible through good maintenance and the use of high quality paint. As recommended by wooden Brighton fence experts, one thing you have to do is re-coat and repaint the fence at least once every 3-5 years. While you can repaint more frequently, re-coating is also important on occasion, since it helps to prevent UV radiation and decay. Water-repellent coating will also help prevent damage from storms as well as the development of mold and the attraction of tiny pests that could damage your wooden fence severely over time.

Another thing you can do to extend the life span of your wooden fence is to inspect and repair it on a regular basis. By fixing your fence’s deteriorated areas at least once a year, you can prevent more permanent damage that can ultimately only be eliminated by replacing the affected part of the fence.

Choosing the Right Fence for Your Home: What Fencing Is Best for Noise Reduction?

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Noise reduction is an important consideration when you want your fence to provide you with the best level of R&R and privacy that money can buy. Even though a fence won’t block out most of the noise coming from the street, it’s enough if it can block at least some of it, as it can make that outdoor barbecue or pool party that much more enjoyable.

The basic idea of a soundproof fence is that it has to be made by a material that is dense and thick enough to block out most noises. Heavy duty steel and thick wood can do that, but you can also consider having a stone, concrete or brick fence installed, if you want to really get the best noise reduction experience.

Fending off noise pollution can also be done with special materials such as mass loaded vinyl, which is basically a set of vinyl sheets put together in layers to act as an improved sound insulator. These types of fences are lighter and easier to install, but they do an excellent job protecting your home from excess noise.

As you will find, getting a new fence doesn’t have to be too expensive to get the job done. You can visit your local contractors at and find some surprisingly affordable options for soundproof fencing.

noise cancelling fence - Metro Fence Company

In Search of the Most Experienced Driveway Gate Installation Contractors

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Although you might already have found someone to install your fence and gate, your driveway gate might pose an additional problem. If the design is more complex, or you want some extra features to go with it, such as hi-tech security and a system that opens your driveway gate automatically, then you might have to search for a more experienced team of driveway gate installation experts.

The main issue with driveway gates is that a lot more attention to detail is necessary than in the case of regular gates. The size, fit and chosen material has to be suitable for the size of your vehicle and your specific needs regarding privacy, safety and durability. Also, you’ll still want a design that will not only be appealing, but that will also fit in with the overall appearance of your home, garden and fence.use Westminster fencing pros for driveway gate installation

Your best choice by far is to hire a practiced Westminster gate installation contractor who has a good enough track record as well. They will help you pick the most appealing type of gate, and they will also be able to guide and advise you regarding issues such as the best driveway gate materials to select in order to deter intruders from trying to break in.

Uses for Chain Link Fencing

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A chain link fence has an extensive degree of adaptability, due to its many applications; it is great for household use, making cages and marking perimeters for animals, making fence panels, fences, metal fittings etc.

Also, chain link fencing is a great option for gardening. Any flower and vegetable garden, as well as any orchard needs a protective fence. Most plants love light so, from this point of view, chain link fencing is recommended for their optimal development.

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There are many other examples of places where this type of fences can also be installed. In addition to the private sector, they protect various industrial installations. Fences are used for buildings, factories and other structures, often being also installed within the perimeter of educational and sports institutions.

This fence is also widely used in construction: it serves as a reinforced support for building facades.

Chain link Brighton fencing is durable and easy to install even on sloped or uneven surfaces,. Its overall aspect is neat, continuous and can be easily matched with the garden or the house itself, because it comes in different colors. Another pro is that this fence type is significantly cheaper,  compared to other possible solutions.


How to Find Westminster CO Fencing Pros

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The easiest way to find Westminster CO fencing pros is to google these words and you will be surprised about how many results will be revealed by your search. Alternatively, you can search contractors on the Better Business Bureau`s website or by asking for recommendations at local hardware stores or from fence distributors.

So… ok, now you have a list with company names and contact information. What`s next?

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You will need to do a little research on a few companies and compare the results, to make the best final choice. Start by looking for online reviews and ratings from customers, as they are an indicator of the company`s professionalism and reputation. Also check with associations and recommendation websites; you can also get ideas and helpful hints from them, to avoid low quality contractors. When you get in touch with a company`s representative, ask about proof of license, certifications, warranties, experience in the business, portfolio and references.

Finding Westminster fencing installers is not difficult. Avoid door-to-door contractors, companies that will ask you to obtain the building permits, contractors that do not have a local address or you cannot find complete information about the, as well as contractors that press you to make a quick decision or pay them upfront.

Is it Time for a New Fence?

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Fences add personality to your property and may also provide privacy and security, but only if they are in good shape. Do you know whether it is time for a new fence, or you can keep the existing one for a few more years?

You can get the right answer by inspecting your fence closely. If you find the following problems, it might be the right time to consider calling a front range residential fencing company Denver contractor to build a new fence, because this one is nearing the end of its lifespan:

  • Sections where boards are coming off, or rotten boards
  • The fence is leaning and you can no longer make it stand up straight
  • Cracks and splits in the wood
  • Metal posts and links rusted all the way through
  • Grayish and/or yellowish colored stains
  • Mold, mildew, or moss growth
  • Small holes in the wood, caused by wood eating pests

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It is also time for a new fence when an accident such a tree falling or a vehicle running through the side of the fence causes irremediable damage.

Also, if your fence doesn’t match the rest of your property anymore, or looks like it has been installed by several different people, you can also take the decision to replace it.

Most Effective Methods of Cleaning A Fence

Arvada fencing

Arvada fencing

Keeping your fence clean is a requirement that has a practical as well as an aesthetic side and is essential for the health and the visual appeal as well. Here is how to do it efficiently:

  • If your fence is covered in stubborn dirt, apply a generous quantity of water on it to soak the grime and make it easier to remove;
  • Fill a bucket with water, get a sponge that has an abrasive surface, inspect the fence inch by inch and scrub off any dirt spots that you find;
  • Use a mix of water and a mild detergent to wash the fence components again – the dirt that gathers on fences is unsightly, but usually not very stubborn, so you don’t need a very harsh chemical for the process;
  • Rinse the fence and let it dry – you can use a garden hose;
  • Apply suitable protection – Arvada fencing professionals suggest that when the fence is clean and dry, it is time for the protective coating. Get a product that is suitable for your fence material and apply it to help your fence stand up to the elements more efficiently. If the fence has an old coat of paint that is damaged or warping, remove the old layer and wash the bare material before you apply the coating.

Reasons Your Fence Gate Might Be Sagging

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Gate sagging is among the most common issues encountered with fences. The problem usually appears when the fence reaches a certain age, but it might affect new fences as well. Here are the most common causes:

  • The deformation of the gate posts – strong winds, the erosion of the soil and aging can all cause the gate posts to lean inward, which will lead to the appearance of sagging;
  • An uneven gate frame – the deformations suffered by the frame of the gate can also lead to sagging;
  • Loose hinges – most fence gates are fixed to the frame with hinges. Even if you use the best hinges available, the screws that hold them in place can become lose or damaged, with will let the fence gate down a little bit, too.

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Fortunately, all the above root causes are easy to remedy. In most cases, all you will need for the repair is a screwdriver and some new screws, maybe a hammer. If you have identified the problem that has caused the sagging, dismantle the gate, remedy the problem, then install the gate again. If you find the soil around the base of the gate too loose, compact the soil or pour some cement around it. In some cases, with extreme damage, your best bet is to find a person who specializes in repairing gates in Denver.

Choosing the Right Design for Your New Fence

Metro Fence Company Inc

Metro Fence Company Inc

One of the most common misconceptions about fences is that the sole purpose of the structure is to delimit the property. In fact, your fence is also an essential design component, one that can make or break the image inspired by your property. This also means that good fence design takes into consideration both aesthetic and practical factors – here are some tips from Metro Fence Company Inc on how to create a design that serves both purposes:

  • Think about what you need – the three most important fence types in terms of functionality are picket fences, low-rising structures usually installed in front of the house to delimit the space and to serve as a design element; privacy fences that are usually tall and made from solid material to block the view on the property and boundary fences, used for delimiting the space in areas where efficiency is more important than aesthetics;
  • Think about the material – the purpose of the fence will inform your choice of material. The most common material for boundary fences is chain link, picket fences are usually made from wood, masonry, metal or vinyl, while privacy fences are the most varied in terms of design options and materials;
  • Think about maintenance – from among all the materials used for building fences, wood is the most sensitive to the elements and the most maintenance-intensive, masonry, metal and synthetic materials being more resistant and more durable.