The Complexities of Fence Etiquette – How to Avoid Neighbor Disputes

You probably heard about the old issues with fence etiquette. In some scenarios, one person’s neighbor might complain that part of the fence was built on their property or that a tree that the fence was built around was actually not supposed to be considered on the fence owner’s property.

If you want to be a good neighbor and avoid any disputes, you’ll have to get informed and make sure you have the accurate information on where the boundary that separates one property from another actually is and whether or not a certain fence is on your property or theirs.

If you just bought your property, it’s a good idea to order a survey in order to find out exactly where the boundary is. Although a survey might cost somewhere between $500 and $1,000, it will not only solve any disputes about your fence but also help eliminate any potential future disputes and legal issues regarding your property’s boundaries as well – such as whose property did a tree fall on after being knocked down by a powerful storm.

Aside from finding out about the limits and boundaries between properties and respecting them, it’s also important to know about HOA rules and guidelines and respecting them. These rules will dictate the maximum height, width and the required and allowed maintenance tasks associated with your fence.

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The Advantage of Living in a Gated Community – What You Need to Know

Living in a gated community is something not many people tend to consider. Aside from being an unusual concept, it gives most people the idea that they are hidden away from the world and made to live in obscurity, almost as hermits. The truth is far from that depiction.

Unlike what most people believe, living in a gated community can be an amazing experience. If you research the type of community you’re going to join, you get to enjoy living in a community with people of like mind, who share some of the same interests, and have similar ideas about privacy, safety and sharing common resources and amenities. Getting the best Thornton gate installed at entrances for extra privacy and safety is key.

Thornton gated communities

One of the key benefits of a gated community is safety. If you want your belongings to be safe, and you don’t want to be bothered by outside intruders and undesirables, then a gated community is the best place to live low key and still enjoy your life – while possibly also avoiding being the victim of a crime or burglary.

Finally, the great thing about most gated communities is that, once you get settled in, you can talk to your neighbors and decide on the best ways to maintain a balance between privacy and outside engagement. Instead of feeling like your neighbors are against you, you’ll actually feel supported and you’ll have people who will back you up when something goes wrong.

Home Security – Popular Fencing Materials

Brighton fence adds to home security

Appearance, durability, practicality and costs of Brighton fencing are the main factors which determine the choice of a certain fencing material.

Cedar is one of the most popular materials. It is very resistant and it is quite easy to work with, even for DIY’ers. For long-lasting protection, it is best to use a penetrating sealant.

Vinyl fences are both strong and extremely flexible. Very low-maintenance, vinyl fences can be easily cleaned with a water hose and a detergent. It never needs any repainting, which adds up to its popularity among homeowners.

A mixture of plastic polymers and wood fibers, composite fencing can create a wood appearance. The only thing is that this type of fence is obviously more resistant than wood is, so that it does nor rot or attract pests.

Metal is yet another popular choice. The options include cast iron and steel, which require anti-corrosive applications, and aluminum, which does not get affected by humidity or other outdoor conditions.

Resistant to rotting, infestation, rust, treated wood is a great fencing idea. The wood can be treated either by pressure, or chemically.

Chain link is quite spread among homeowners, in spite of the fact that it looks rather utilitarian. However, it can be used in different shapes and colors.

The Best Types of Fences You Can Get for Improved Home Security

Metro Fence Company can provide fencing solutions to improve home security

Looking to provide your home with better protection? Installing a reliable fence can be a great advantage when it comes to home security. In those terms, you’ll find the following tips, see Metro Fence Company, about fence installation will help you make an informed choice about the types of fences and security systems you can try to get in order to obtain the best possible results:

  • If you want to protect your home against intruders, metal fences are some of your best choices. Laser cut steel featuring privacy screens and a gate with a state of the art security system to go with it will practically guarantee the protection of your home at all times.
  • Some crash barrier fences can also be designed for improved home security. Many can be enhanced with advanced technology and built taller for added privacy.
  • Recent advancements in technology also feature fences designed to notify you when someone is trying to break in. Cameras and sensors placed in strategic areas trigger an alarm which alerts you to take action well before an intruder arrives at your home’s immediate exterior. Also, the best thing about these types of fences is that they don’t even have to be made from a highly resilient and expensive type of material in order to offer full protection.

Benefits of Gated Communities

residential fence company provides gated security

Purchasing a home in a gated Denver community will prove to be a smart move. The first things that typically pass through people`s mind when they hear “gated community” is safety and security. These are also some of the main reasons why people opt for living in a gated community.

These communities only open their gates to residents and their guests. Most of them have CCTV cameras, 24/7 surveillance or intercom systems.

Besides security, people in these communities can also enjoy better privacy, without worrying about intruders or trespassers. A gated community is typically a calm and quiet environment, with no speeding vehicles and reduced traffic. Can you imagine the greatness of living without the constant bustle and traffic noise?

A gated community also creates a better sense of community, a sort of unspoken understanding between people living here. Besides, some communities even have their own events that bring residents together.

Finally yet importantly, if you live in such a community, you will not be bothered by annoying solicitors (unauthorized people asking for donations, salesmen etc.), which is one of the benefits of being able to restrict entry to people from outside. This sense of control is great and also promotes a sense of freedom.

Not everyone can afford to live in a gated community. But you can create security and safety in your home by contacting a reputable residential fence company to get their ideas on what types of fencing would fit your property and budget.


Why Installing a Fence Helps Boost Home Resale Value

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Some fences are built to mark boundaries, to provide security and intimacy or simply as decorative elements. Unfortunately, many people ignore the potential of their fence to boost home resale value and build it randomly, without choosing quality materials or questioning the effect of matching the fence with other exterior elements.

In this context, we can say that fencing is not necessary a home value-added feature. Besides, the market value is determined by comparing the features of your property with those of other surrounding properties. So, if homes in your neighborhood do not have fences, installing your fence will not lead necessarily to a payoff. Not to mention that some neighbors may not be happy about that kind of obstruction and you may get yourself involved in legal disputes regarding property lines and maintenance cost responsibility.

On the other hand, a fence can boost home resale value if it is made from quality materials that ensure resistance, safety and match the style of the house and other exterior elements. It is also a question of the condition you keep your fence in and what buyers are looking for. The thing is, if you really want, you can transform your fence into a form of creative expression, which will work in your advantage.

To decide what fence will work best to increase your home’s value, look at

Why It’s Important to Inspect the Fence before Buying a Home

A home should mean stability, security and intimacy. Everyone wants a good home, but in order to reach this goal, it is of course necessary to go through a series of important steps.

The exterior of the property, whether we are talking about the yard or the garden, is a space that we must arrange in the most intelligent way in order to have a complete, comfortable and nice looking home. An element of particular importance is the fence, which is unfortunately often neglected and treated as a secondary element in terms of importance.

Westminser gate installation

Here are some reasons why we have to inspect the fence and gate before buying a house.

First, the installation of a new fence or gate and the necessary repairs cost money and involve finding Westminster gate installation specialists, identifying the right materials and design etc. If the fence and gate is in very good condition, you will not have to worry about these things. In addition, in some cases, the fence has not only a decorative role, but it is designed to maintain the security of a perimeter, therefore its condition is even more important.

A good fence and gate that is made of durable materials that complements the overall image of a property will help increase its value.

As much as we wish, we cannot talk about exceptionally looking properties unless we include the fences and gates.

Considering a Fencing Installation as a First Time Home Buyer

If you just bought a new home, then it can be important to consider various ways in which you can improve your newly purchased property and make it uniquely your own. Now, there can be many ideas you can think of, including sprucing up your landscaping, installing a new roof, painting your home or even setting up an outdoor kitchen and dining area. However, no other improvement will make a greater impact than setting up a new fence.

Brighton fencing

Your home’s fence is like the perimeter you set up when you discover uncharted territory. It’s “got your back” and it will protect your home, while also creating a unique expression of your individuality – which, although can’t be compared to any military terms as before, is still an important part of what a fence represents.

Now, depending on your new budget and on whether or not replacing the old fence is practically feasible, you might or might not consider it. However, otherwise, installing new Brighton fencing will be a great idea. It will not only improve the appearance of your property, but also add a few upgrades that the old fence didn’t have.

Your new fence can become an appealing part of the neighborhood while also representing your own unique image and expression. So setting it up once you move to your new home can definitely pay off.

Can You Really Boost Your Curb Appeal with a New Fence?

Thornton fencing experts can tell you that installing a new fence can be a great idea if you want to boost your curb appeal and make your home look more desirable. This is especially a good initiative, if you plan on selling your home and you want to get more money for it.

Even if a new fence isn’t such a huge investment, the impact it can have on your home’s curb appeal can be genuinely high. Remember that the fence is the first thing that potential buyers will see, aside from the view of the exterior of your home as seen from outside the premises of your property. As they enter the gate, they will also be able to see how well the fence lines up with your landscaping and garden, as well as the parts of your house that they couldn’t initially see.

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Your fence also has the role of upholding your privacy and making sure that anyone who lives or walks on your property can be protected from prying eyes. Any client who is serious about buying your home will look at this aspect and consider it carefully. As a result, installing a well-chosen new fence can truly have a powerful impact on your curb appeal and ensure that your home sells at an excellent price.

How Will Setting Up a New Fence Freshen Up Your Landscape?

When you buy a new home, you might be thinking that even if everything is almost brand new, you need to make some improvements to freshen up the landscape and make it look trendier or more appealing. The idea of setting up a new fence fits perfectly here, as it would help you make your home and landscape look more desirable, and boost your security at the same time.

A fence is, of course, not just an installation meant to keep burglars from breaking into your home. Although that can be one of its main functions, a residential fence company can add curb appeal as well.

residential fence company

If your home has an old fence or if the current fence isn’t up to the standards of the paint you used when you renovated or the garden and landscaping elements added during the renovation process, setting up a new fence will not only be a good idea, but it might even be completely necessary.

A new fence will create a livelier contrast between your home and the surrounding environment, and it will present your property in a better light for your neighbors and visitors. Finally, with a brand new fence, you can create your very own, unique fashion statement that will add to the original appeal of your landscaping and home exterior, and complement its appearance to an ideal extent.