Does Your Fence Need HOA Approval?

HOA Westminster gate installation regulations

If your neighborhood has a homeowners’ association, the association’s covenant probably has very clear and precise guidelines about the style, size and material of the fences  and gates in the neighborhood.

HOA Westminster gate installation regulations

This also means that the first thing to do before you even start designing your fence, thinking about its material, style and size is to consult the document. Here are some of the aspects that you might need HOA approval for:

  • Fence type – some HOA covenants do not allow to use certain materials, such as chain link or split rail, to be used on property sides facing the street because these types would disrupt the overall appearance of a neighborhood where most fences are made from masonry or wood;
  • The height of the fence – this is another aspect that HOA covenants are usually very specific about. Having a fence that is too tall or too short compared to the other fences in the street or in the neighborhood also disrupts the harmonious appearance of the neighborhood.

Failing to comply with applicable HOA Westminster gate installation regulations and fencing requirements can have very serious consequences – you might be required to remove the uncomplying fence, therefore the best thing to do is to find out about the criteria that need to be observed when building a fence.

Why Fences Are A Great Home Investment

Residential fencing adds to curb appeal

Residential fencing adds to curb appeal

Investing into a new fence around your home is a great way to add value to your property through the aesthetic appeal, the comfort and the protection provided by your fence.

According to real estate experts, you might not be able to add the entire amount of the investment to the price you ask for your property when you want to sell it, but a home surrounded by an attractive, stylish and reliable fence will surely sell much faster and will attract much more serious buyers than a property delimited with warping, falling and damaged fencing.

New fencing installed by Metro Fence Company Inc is a great investment into the comfort of your household as well – you and your family will feel much better in your own home if the fence around it is attractive and able to offer you the privacy and the safety that you need. If you have young kids or pets that can run out to the street, your fence will play the role of keeping them safe, making your fence an essential tool for personal safety as well. A sturdy fence can also act as a deterrent for burglars and other intruders and will protect you from the curious eyes of the people passing by your property.

Reducing Noise with a Sound Barrier Fence

sound barrier residential fence company

Some types of fences can be used as sound barriers, by people who live in agglomerated areas, near loud highways or inside busy cities. Wearing earplugs in your own home or yard is not fun, so you should consider solutions for getting the peace and quiet you need on your property.

A sound barrier fence has a few distinct features: it is taller than other fence types and is made of materials that block unwanted noises. Typically, sound barrier fencer are at least 12 feet high, but the taller the better! However, before installing a sky high fence, check the local regulations, because there are limitations.

sound barrier residential fence company

When it comes to sound barrier residential fence company materials these fences are made from massive, solid substance. Possibilities include concrete, masonry, brick, stone, concrete blocks, rammed earth, red wood or steel sheets. You can also add more mass to an existing regular fence, by using overlapping sheets of mass-loaded vinyl.

Obviously, a sound barrier fence should not have any gaps or holes, otherwise noise will be able to find its way and the fence becomes almost useless. If you have enough space, you can also opt for an earth berm, which will reflect the noise upward.


Some Popular Ideas in Residential Fences

Thornton fence company

When it comes to residential properties, fences are used to provide privacy, security and a decorative aspect. Not all fences manage to provide all these three functions though. It may seem easy to choose a fence, but in reality, the variety of the available options can be confusing.

There are some popular trends in Thornton fence company residential fencing: mixed models – that is fences created from more than one materials and with a modern design that often goes beyond tradition.

Thornton fence company
  • Horizontal slats

This fence is typically made of steel and concrete, wood and concrete, wood and steel etc.

Vertical timber fence

This fence is rustic, unique and imposing. It keeps outsiders out without hiding your front yard.

  • Brick and metal fence

If you have an existing brick fence, you can upgrade it by replacing sections of it with trendy metal slats.  This interchange is surprising and aesthetically pleasing, while it also provides the protection you need.

  • Decorative wrought iron fence

Wrought iron is a very beautiful fencing material – an ornament in itself. Due to their aspect and properties, these fences will always be popular.

  • Modern Gabion Wall

Gabion walls exist since middle age, being a very toughest fence idea. Nowadays, the rough  wall is updated  with stones creating very interesting patterns.

Checking Your Neighborhood’s Fencing Regulations – A Highly Necessary Action to Consider

Thornton fence company

According to Thornton fence company professionals, building and fencing regulations are extremely important to uphold in some areas, not only for legal purposes, but also to prevent a lot of the problems that could come up during the fence installation process.

Thornton fence company

Installing a new fence, for example, will require you to know the landscape and have a fair idea of the types of fences you might or might not be allowed to install on your property. Thornton fence company professionals may be able to help you obtain the info you need to make the right decisions. Also, regulations are in place to keep homeowners from digging into utility lines and damaging them. If you don’t call 811 to bring in the experts who can help you find the various pipes and wires that run underground then it will be very difficult to install your new fence, especially if you want to choose another location for it.

Finally, the legal issues you might run into will escalate pretty quickly if you don’t find and follow your neighborhood’s fencing regulations as well as the building regulations that are in place for your city and area. An angry neighbor might end up knocking at your door some day, since your fence was installed partially on their property. Following the rules will effectively prevent such mix ups and ensure that you’ll truly have nothing to worry about.

How Fences Can Help Your Curb Appeal

There are many different ways that you can use to enhance your property’s curb appeal. You can restore your existing fence or install a new fence with an ornamental gate. A good Westminster gate installation will integrate your landscape and work with the design of your building. This will not only enhance the safety, security and privacy of your property, but it is also and integral part of your property as a whole, improving its curb appeal and highlighting its best features. Here is how various types of fences help with curb appeal:

– Picket fences – these low rising, 2-4 feet tall fences are charming, cozy and romantic tools to delimit property limits. They do not obstruct the view from and of your property, but they play mainly an aesthetic role, without adding to your privacy or safety;

fencing curb appeal
– Wrought iron fences – these fences add class and security to your property. They are relatively expensive, but they are very durable and you can paint them any color you want, whenever you feel like changing the overall looks of your estate;
– Wood fences – available in many different styles, wood fences add an organic appearance to your property, while also protecting you against intruders and prying eyes. However, if you decide to get a wood fence, you will have to clean, inspect and maintain it regularly to preserve its integrity and great looks.