What to Consider When Getting A Fence for Your Dog

If you have a dog, getting pet friendly fences and gates in Denver is essential for protecting your canine friend. This will help prevent dogs from escaping and for saving from trouble with the neighbors or with passers-by. Here are a few aspects to bear in mind when picking your fence:
– The size of your dog – if your dog is small, the fence you need for containing your pet does not need to be very tall, but large dogs can jump very high, some of them to over six feet high, so you might need a tall fence to prevent him from escaping;
– Your dog’s habits – some dogs like to dig, others like to jump. If your dog is a jumper, make sure your fence is tall enough to form a really efficient obstacle, while digger dogs are best kept on the premises with a fence that has very little or no clearance from the ground or with a fence that rests on a foundation;
– Choose a durable material – dogs like to chew on wood, so a wood fence might not be the best option for you. Aluminum, vinyl or inexpensive chain link fences make a better choice, especially if you have a large and agile dog.
pet friendly fences and gates

Tips for Stopping Your Dog from Digging under the Fence

fence protection for pets
Dogs love digging under the fence that surrounds their territory for various reasons – they may need some entertainment, they are looking for prey, they are looking for comfort or they might just want to escape. Whatever the motivation behind your dog’s digging habit, if you need to watch your canine pet all the time to prevent him from ruining your fence and from creating dangerous situations, here are a few tips to help you stop him:
– Identify and address the motivation – if your dog’s behavior is motivated by the desire to attract your attention, to find entertainment or to hunt, try to address that motivation first. Try to spend more time with your dog, take him for longer walks, play with him more or try to find out if there are any critters underneath your fence that trigger your dog’s hunting instinct and try to get rid of them;
– Use deterrent substances – pepper spray or capsicum spray are harsh substances that taste and smell very strong, but are not harmful for your dog’s health. Try spraying some in your dog’s favorite digging area to teach him not to go there;
– Add an L-foot to the fence – attach some chicken wire in an L-shape along the base of the fence to prevent your dog from going close to the fence.

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The Most Popular Fence Colors and Fence Styles in Colorado

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If you need a new fence for your home in Colorado, but you don’t know what color and style to choose, here are a few tips that can make it all easier for you:
– Consider function first – some properties need to be fenced to delimit property limits, while others need fences for privacy. The role of the fence will determine the height and probably the material of the fence as well;
– Choose the fence material to add visual appeal – choose a fence that works well with your building design and integrates into your landscape. There are lots of material options to choose from, some of them are natural, such as wood or stone, others are synthetic, such as vinyl boards and metal fences can also be very attractive and they work well with most home styles;
– Pick the color right – white, green and brown are the most popular colors used on fences in Colorado. White is the traditional color used on picket fences, green works well with any design and any materials, while brown is a great natural color that can repeat the color of the stone on your driveway. Grey is also popular in Colorado, but don’t think of boring hues – gray paint comes in lots of elegant and exciting hues nowadays.
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The Benefits of Vinyl Fencing – What Are the Main Points to Remember?

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So you want to set up a new fence, but you’re worried about the cost and quality level of some of the fences out there. If you do a little research, you might find that one of the most affordable fences you can consider is not necessarily a wooden one but a basic vinyl fence. Despite its affordability, vinyl has a few important benefits to offer:

• One of the main advantages of a vinyl fence is that it’s durable. Vinyl may not be the strongest of materials – and it certainly doesn’t compete with steel or stone in this regard – but it is long lasting. You can expect a properly maintained vinyl fence to last for decades.
• Vinyl is also highly affordable, as we have already mentioned. Compared to stone, concrete, wood and steel, it’s the most affordable type of fencing you can buy.
• Get vinyl if you want a stylish privacy fence. This material can be customized to your heart’s content, and the customization work won’t cost as much as, for example, in the case of a high end wooden fence.

In most cases, the quality of the fencing installation won’t necessarily depend on the contractor you hire for the job, since vinyl is relatively easy to install. However, a skilled, trustworthy and experienced local residential fence company is still recommended by experts, if you want the best possible results in exchange for your money.

How Will a Brand New Fence Protect Your Home Better Than the Old One?

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If you’re interested in protecting your home from potential burglars and intruders, a brand new security chain link fence Denver installation can go a long way toward actually helping you achieve that. A fence can be extremely helpful even, for example, when someone wonders onto your property by mistake. But why is a brand new fence better than your old one?

There are a lot of aspects to consider here, but basically an old fence made from wood features an old design that might have rendered it vulnerable to attacks and to the elements. Strong wind and rain could end up damaging the fence further, and a skilled intruder would find it easy to get through it. So, why not just repair your old fence? While this option works in some cases, it doesn’t always do the trick.

New fence designs are made to keep intruders away and prevent them from seeing clearly what’s beyond the fence. As a result, they will be less likely to risk even climbing the fence, not only because of the difficulty, but also as a result of the unknown factor.

A new fence will also be sturdier and built to last, so you don’t have to worry about the wind bringing it down. All in all, you’ll have fewer intrusions and repairs to worry about in the long run, and you can enjoy your life in the safety and security of your protected home.

Fencing Etiquette for You and Your Neighbors – A Few Points to Consider

Fencing etiquette can be extremely important since it determines who will pay for a fence repair job on properties where neighbors are separated by the same fence. In many cases, this is a problem that creates a dispute, since one neighbor might tell the other that the fence is their responsibility, while the other disagrees.

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With the help of fencing etiquette, you can solve these types of disputes easily, since this is an etiquette that both neighbors have to agree upon. The first thing to do in this regard is to ensure that your property line matches the property line as it appears in official documents. If you assumed your property line to be closer to the neighbor’s house, then any fencing modifications you may have made will have to be undone.

When you both bought the property from another vendor, it is essential to look into the documentation of the buildings you have purchased to see where the fence belongs. Are you responsible for it or is the neighbor?

It is essential to remember that any action you take to modify the existing fence or build a new one will be dependent on these considerations. When it comes to fencing etiquette, these issues are important, because failure to comply could mean that you end up installing a new fence for nothing.

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How to Keep Your Fence in Excellent Shape in the Upcoming Summer Months

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Summer usually comes with a lot of changes, and the upcoming summer will likely not be an exception to that rule. When it comes to fencing, it is essential to keep that in mind and aim to keep your fence in good shape with basic maintenance and repairs.

A fence is only as good as the material it was made from. Regardless of the design, a wooden fence will be subject to pests and water damage. Part of it might even have been affected by the sun’s UV rays, so the paint might have come off or the fence could have been discolored. Keep track of these changes, and check your wooden fence for termites and other pests that tend to attack wood.

Metal is also subject to lots of issues, even though it is more reflective and immune to pests. Depending on the color and the metal used, some metal fences absorb UV radiation, and can be affected by it adversely in the long run. Finally, it’s important to check your fence for corrosion, especially in areas where you know the paint came off.

Proper fence maintenance completed by dedicated Arvada fencing pros can help you keep your fence in order through replacements and localized repairs. You can even opt to completely renew old chain link and wooden fences, replacing them partially with brand new elements.

Which Side of the Fence Is Really My Responsibility?

Fencing and boundary problems have been around ever since the first neighbors decided to install a fence between their homes. The issue of which side of the fence is whose responsibility has sparked debate and controversy for a long time, and disputes still arise about this issue on a regular basis.

The main problem is that, in some cases, it’s hard to determine if the fences present on a lot of land split by a vendor into different parcels actually belong to one of the parcels or the other. Of course, this is easily resolved when both adjacent land parcels have individual fences, but when a single, common fence is present, you can run into a lot of difficulties.

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The general consensus is that the vendor should have included the information in the deed. When you get the house, you always have to check for details like this, and the fence ownership problem is one of the most important. In most cases, each individual parcel owner will be responsible for the fence at either the left or the right of his or her parcel of land. As long as it is pointed out in the conveyance deed, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Alternatively, in some cases, when there is no clear cut indication as to who owns a particular fence, in which case you have to either refer to your Seller’s Property Information Form or establish a pattern of ownership by checking who are the fence owners on the same side of the street where your land lot is located.

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Improved Appearance and Safety: Considering Why Your Business Needs Good Fencing Solutions

Have you recently grown your business enough to buy a brand new building? You might want to take your investment to the next level and find a good quality Arvada fencing expert to set up your new fence. Why? It’s not just a matter of appearance – although maintaining a clean and inviting image will definitely help your bottom line. It’s also about the practical aspects of your business, including maintaining privacy and improving safety.

secured metal industrial building

If you have employees who are working outside, they might not appreciate all the surrounding pedestrians being able to peek through the fence and watch them work. Aside from being annoying, it’s also distracting. A tall wooden or metal fence can prevent that from being a problem.

Another benefit of fencing is that it blocks out unwanted noise from surrounding cars. If your workers require quiet and concentration, a fence that has soundproof qualities can definitely do a lot of good.

Finally, don’t underestimate your need to protect your business – not only from prying eyes, but also from burglars and intruders. If you have sensitive data stored on your computers or expensive equipment on the premises, a strong stone or metal fence with clear surroundings and a good surveillance system will work wonders to keep your business safe.

Curb Appeal and Selling Your House: How Can Fences Increase Your Home’s Value?

Selling your home isn’t always easy. Aside from the fact that it might not be possible to make it look brand new unless you cough up some serious cash to pay your contractors with, curb appeal can also suffer because of the old-fashioned design of your fence. But can installing a new fence really make such a difference when it comes to curb appeal and increasing your home’s value?

A tidy and beautifully designed fence is its own reward – or at least that’s what home renovation experts will tell you. However, if you want your home to appeal to a wider range of buyers, you might want to consider buying and installing a brand new fence, instead of just sprucing up the old one.

A new fence can, first of all, add an improved sense of safety that your buyers will pay top dollar for. A sturdy, wooden fence, an even sturdier metal fence or the classic design and added privacy of installing security gates in Denver homes, or a crafted stone fence will definitely add practical value to your home.

security gateCurb appeal will also be improved, because you can get a chance to find the precise fencing design that highlights your garden, siding, walkways and just about all your landscaping elements.

Finally, a safe and lovely fence that can easily be decorated and modified will appeal a lot to buyers who have children. Aside from added safety, the fence itself can serve as a canvas for the children’s creative expression.