Cedar Fences Vs. Vinyl Fences–Which Is Right for You?

While cedar is still among the most popular fencing materials in the nation, recently there is a new material that is quickly gaining popularity: vinyl. If you are searching for the best Arvada fencing, and currently weighing your options and trying to choose the best fencing material for your property, here are a few factors that you should have in mind when you make the final decision:
– Appearance – while vinyl is perfect for the white, painted, traditional picket fence look that many homeowners are looking for, cedar is more versatile in terms of appearance, it offers more customization options, such as the opportunity to stain or paint the material or to add decorative elements;
– Durability and maintenance – wood is a natural material and as such it is susceptible to rot and pest attacks, but vinyl is plastic material, so nothing really gets to it. The durability of wood fences can be efficiently prolonged with regular inspections followed by the repair of the issues found and by the application of protective coating every few years, while vinyl offers a very long lifespan without requiring any painting or coating;
– Costs – you can expect to pay twice as much for a linear foot of installed vinyl fence as for the same amount of cedar fence. cedar vs vinyl fences in Denver