Choosing A Gate That Complements Your Fence

Naturally, the first things that draw attention to a house are the fence and the access gate. Therefore, you should not underestimate the visual impact they produce. The way the fence and the gate are made will influence the viewers’ perception of the entire property.

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But how can you choose a gate that complements your fence?

First of all, you have to decide if the gate and the fence will only have a decorative role or a protective one as well. Depending on the functionality, you will then be able to choose the style, dimensions and construction materials from which they will be made from.

Be careful, however, that these two elements complement each other and also integrate harmoniously with the overall style of your property!

Brighton fence company professionals say that the materials you can choose for your gate typically include wrought iron, sheet metal, wood, PVC, etc. Even if the wood is not exactly typical for gates and fences in urban areas, lovers of the traditional wood look should not give up their preferences. Certain modern metal fences and gates can now come with coatings that imitate wood very well. The key lies in the intelligent choice of design, highlighting the property and not creating dissonance.

In addition, automatic operation, with the help of a remote control, is becoming an increasingly common element. The automation is possible both in the sliding version of a gate, a situation in which space is needed for sliding along the fence, and in the hinged version, which is more expensive but may be the only functional solution for certain terrain conformations.