Choosing the Right Fence Color

A fresh coat of paint brings new life into your fence.  Choose a color that blends with other exterior elements, or go bold with something unexpected, however do your best to avoid a garish and out of place visual effect. Your home facade is often the best visual reference for choosing color cues, and finding the best match with the fence creates an instant visual connection that enhances the curb appeal.

Adding a new layer of paint provides more than an aesthetic aspect; it also provides protection to fences made of wood or metal. When the existing layer of paint starts to peel or fade, it is time to add a fresh coat, to prevent degradation caused by rot or rust.

Brighton fencing material

Take into account the following aspects when determining the right Brighton fencing color:

  • the style of the home
  • the colors of the home
  • the colors of the landscape (brighter colors are preferable if you have flowering plants and shrubs, otherwise you should opt for neutral colors)
  • the local policies

Finally yet importantly, regardless the color, make sure you choose the paint according to the Brighten fencing material; do not use paint made for wood surfaces on a metal fence.