Climbing Plants That Work with Your Fence

plants growing on fence

Climbing plants look great on fences – they are just what your plain fence needs to turn heads. If you would like to ornate your fences with some attractive, climbing plants, here are top tips from Denver fence company pros:
– Variegatum – also known as variegated jasmine, this medium-sized evergreen works great for fences in sunny locations. The plant has glossy leaves and cute white flowers that turn yellow as they age;
– Trumpet vine – this woody climber can grow really tall and it is a great plant to embellish west-facing fences. The bright orange or red flowers look like tiny trumpets and they are there to admire them from late summer to late fall;
– Ivy of Uruguay – this evergreen climber is a slender, delicate, but a very resistant plant that thrives well in shady areas. Its flowers are not very spectacular, but the black berries that the plant develops following the flowering period look really great;
– Chocolate vine – another great choice for south-facing fences or for fences that get filtered light. It has bright green leaves and fragrant purple flowers that are followed by long purple fruits;
– Morning glory – another vigorous climber that brings spectacular, pink and blue striped flowers all summer.