Common Commercial Gate Installation Challenges

Thornton gate

If you have decided to add a new gate to your commercial fencing, here are some of the challenges that you might encounter during the installation process:

  • Land sloping at an angle that is too steep – ideally, your gate should be installed on ground that is perfectly level and not only right underneath the gate, but also a couple of inches or yards in front of and behind it. If the place that you chose for your new gate is not level, you might be required to create a level surface either by digging out the ground manually or by hiring an excavation company to do it for you.
  • Pest attacks – if you are installing your new gate in an area where there are lots of animals, the critters might cause a variety of problems. Trusted Thornton gate professionals acknowledge that if you have an automatic  gate, the boxes or cases that accommodate the electronics and the other components that move the gate might be occupied by insects and tiny rodents. If you choose to have a manual gate, it might also sustain damage caused by critters over time. If your gate is equipped with motion sensors, the components might be turned on by large animals moving in front of the gate.