Construction Site Fencing Solutions

Brighton fence company construction security consultants

There are various types of security fencing applicable to the construction industry, and their choice depends on the particularities of each working site as well as on local requirements and regulations. The best option is to contact Brighton fence company consultants for up to date construction fencing options.

Heras fencing represent probably the most popular category used to create protective temporary barriers for as long as the work is in progress. These fences are lightweight and easy to transport.

Some sites require a variety of anti-climb fences, to prevent the access of potential intruders. Compared to regular heras panels, these anti-climb fencing options are slightly heavier. Heavy duty round top anti-climb fences are the best you can get, because they can be used long term and can also be reinforced with concrete blocks to create a safe perimeter for the construction site.

Access gates are also important for the access of workers and vehicles within the site`s perimeter and they use the same anti-climb steel mesh panels and secure locking mechanisms.

Construction hoarding provide visual barrier, which is what makes them different from heras fencing. Hoarding are made of steel or timber. Timber hoarding can be customized specifically to the site and installed in concrete for better stability. On the other hand, steel hoarding are more robust and also compatible with all mesh fencing. Gates can be quickly incorporated if necessary.