Different Types of Fencing

types of fences

The three broad categories that fences can be classified into based on the type of the property they surround are residential, commercial and industrial, but most fencing materials can be used for all three types of applications, so perhaps categorizing fences by the materials they are made from would be more effective. Per Thornton gate and fencing pros, here are the most common materials used in fences:

  • Timber – the great, affordable material is easy to use and suitable for creating tall and long fences. Made from natural wood, timber panels are sensitive to moisture and pest attacks if they are not treated properly, but with the right amount of attention, the material makes a durable solution;
  • Chain link – the metal mesh might not be very attractive, but it is affordable, easy to install, durable and suitable for fencing in very large areas;
  • Masonry – the solution is not cheap, but very attractive and durable. Masonry can be used for building fences that combine several materials, such as stone and metal or stone and wood;
  • Steel – another strong and durable solution suitable for any application, steel fences can also feature designs that use multiple materials. If this is your choice, don’t forget that the longevity of steel depends on maintenance and you will need to inspect and treat your fence at least once a year.