DIY Fence Post Replacement

Brighton fence repair

DIYers who consider replacing a fence post, must detach the fence, take out the post of the ground, install a new post and finally reattach the fence. Even if it does not sound complicated, according to experienced Brighton fence repair pros, pulling an old fence post out may be difficult, especially if it is rotted.

Step 1 – Detach the Fence

Back out the screws if the rails are attached with screws. But if they are set into mortises, things complicate a bit, because you will have to cut the tenon on a lower rail.

Step 2 – Pull the Post

You must dig around the base, soak the ground and wiggle the post (typically, it is set in concrete or gravel). This should loosen it enough to allow you to pull it out. If it doesn`t, you will have to pry it out by hooking a chain around a solid area, and use a car jack to pump it.

Step 3 – Setting a New Post

If the old post has been installed in concrete, when you take it out the concrete will also come out. You must place the new post in the hole and pour concrete to ground level.

Step 4 – Put the fencing back into place and nail it.