Do Fences Need Maintenance in Winter?

In the case of fences, maintenance depends on the materials they are made from.  Regardless the season, a vinyl fence is almost maintenance-free, while for wood and metal fences you must create a maintenance routine, during every season, to be sure that they remain in good shape and nothing affects the protection they provide.

In winter, wood fences that were not cleaned from mold and mildew will start to rot. winter fence maintenanceTo prevent this, you must inspect the fence in the beginning of the season and identify the problematic areas. Have Denver fence company pros replace broken boards, clean the fence properly and apply a protective layer of paint or varnish to seal the wood and preserve the fence. Also look for rotten posts and make sure to seal the gaps that may appear between fence posts and the concrete into which they are set.

A wood fence may also get damaged by falling tree limbs that cracks under the weight of the snow, so make sure to trim back those dangerously looking branches.

As for a metal fence, it must be cleaned and painted before the winter. Any signs of rust must be removed carefully by scrubbing with a wire brush and some elbow grease. When you repaint the fence, make sure to use a rust-resistant paint, designed for exterior elements.