Do You Really Need to Remove Your Trees Just So You Can Install a New Fence?

Installing a new fence can be a difficult prospect. However, if you also have trees around your home and you’d like to keep them, most other homeowners will just tell you to forget all about it or start cutting down your trees. Fortunately, these drastic measures are not really necessary, since in most cases you can actually install a fence without cutting down all or even most of the trees. If you get it right, then your trees will be fine and you’ll have a brand new fence to enjoy.

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The first thing you need to do is determine how far your trees are from the fence and how large they are. The real danger when installing a fence around trees is not that your fence will keep them from growing or block their light (although this can be a risk with smaller trees), but that it might damage their roots. If your trees are farther away than a few feet, and they’re still not very tall, then chances are you’re safe. You can have residential fencing Denver pros erect your fence and nothing will be wrong, since the roots of the trees will simply expand and grow around the part of the fence that goes underground.

However, if the trees are close by, large and numerous, then you’ll want to be more careful. You can then either decide to put your fence elsewhere, or call your local utility experts and tree experts to help you determine where the roots are and whether or not building a fence there will truly harm them.