Does My Pool Need A Fence?

swimming pool safety
Taking a splash in the pool in your yard or in your back garden is an excellent way to cool down in the summer heat and a pool is a great addition that will entertain your friends as well. However, swimming pools pose a constant risk of accidents, that’s why most areas in the country have very strict regulations regarding the safety measures that pool owners need to take care of, including the installation of a fence or of a device that permits the closing of the pool.
The fences that need to be installed around pools need to comply with strict regulations as well – here are some key issues:
– The fence must not have gaps that are wide enough for a toddler to climb through;
– The fence must not have any foothold that permits climbing through;
– The fence should be at least 1.2 m tall, with clearance from the ground that does not exceed 100 mm;
– The fence must be sufficiently strong to resist the attempts of a child to force a gap into it;
– The welds of fence need to be strong enough to resist really heavy knocks.
The regulations that pool fences must comply with might be regionally different, so make sure you consult a
child proof pool Denver fence companies expert before you start designing your fence.