How to Easily Match a Fence with Your Yard’s Landscaping

Matching your new fence to your yard’s landscaping is no easy feat. While it seems simple, it is exceptionally important to take note of the colors you use in your yard the most and to create a certain level of harmony and contrast between the garden, the lawn, the static landscaping elements and your new fence.

white fence with gate in garden landscape

The following steps should give you a few clues as to how you can go about matching the color of your fence to your yard:

• Take a good look at your yard. What is most prevalent? Are there more trees, green bushes and grass? Or do you have a dry weather garden with lots of stone, perennial plants and multicolored dry weather plants? Making a note of the colors of your yard is most essential.
• Based on the colors, you’ll find that a better contrast can be obtained by choosing a fence that tastefully marks the boundary of your garden, but also creates some lively differences. For example, brown and white can work great for green fences, while a tan or yellow fence creates better contrast with blue, purple and other cool colored flowers.
• You can also use natural gray and brown colored stone to complement a landscape featuring lots of stone elements such as walkways or a rock garden.

Your professional Arvada fence company can help you decide what will work best with your landscaping and budget.