Evaluating What Type of Stain Can Work Best for Wooden Fences

Wooden elements often have to be coated or painted or treated in some way in order to prevent them from succumbing to the elements. When you have a wooden fence, it’s even more important to take proper care of it. Unlike siding and roofing, fences are in the full firing line of the elements, often being bombarded with wind, rain and UV rays from all directions. This means your wooden fence might actually need all the protection it can get.

Now, you can treat your fence with various oils, paints and special coatings. However, not all of them will be effective. Stain is an important additional option you can consider. Unlike paint, stain is more watery, and it actually seeps into the wood while providing you with the means to still view the wooden texture in all of its glory – especially if you use a transparent stain.

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Of course, in many cases residential fencing company Denver stain professionals will actually recommend an opaque stain if you want to protect your fence in the best possible way. Opaque staining products will act almost like paint, except that instead of just covering the wood with a layer of colorful coating, it actually drains into the wood for added protection.

This quality of stain makes opaque staining one of the most efficient methods for protecting your wooden fence without sacrificing its beauty and texture. You can choose a transparent stain for less protection and an opaque stain for complete protection from sunlight, wind and water damage, depending on your specific needs.