Exploring the Different Styles of Gates for Your Thornton Home

Thornton gate

The choice of the gate for your Thornton home depends on your tastes, the desired functionalities and also on your budget.

  • Traditional style

A wooden gate has a natural look, somewhat traditional and even rustic, very unique among  other materials. In addition, the versatility of wood and the modern processing methods make possible many designs, simple or complex, to best fit the overall style of your property.

  • Modern style

The basic feature of modern Thornton gate design is the emphasis on functionality. Simple lines and a minimalist design tend to take the place of different ornaments. In modern architecture, metal and, more recently, composite materials are very popular. A gate made of such materials will certainly be particularly resistant.

Certainly, some materials do not have to be associated exclusively with a particular style. For example, even if wood is not so popular for the gates of urban houses, those who love the aspect of this traditional material do not necessarily have to give up their preferences. Many modern metal gates can now be manufactured with coatings that mimic very well the aspect of golden oak, mahogany, walnut, etc.

Exploring different styles of gates for your home is not only about materials and finishes, but also about functionality, which is closely related to the conditions of access to the property. Thus, you can choose between a swing gate or a sliding gate. In both cases, you can add automation.