Fence Line Landscaping

Landscaping around your fence can create a beautiful design flow throughout your yard. Consider your material when thinking of what to plant. Different materials go better with different types of landscaping elements. Take your yard to a new level and truly complete the look with the right design.


Understand that fencing creates a microclimate, and that this has ramifications for your plants — whether good or bad. For example, if the exposure is southerly (and in full sun), this sheltered environment will experience higher temperatures.

Consider softening the look of a security fence by installing complimentary plants. Depending on each situation, there might also be a reason to hide the fence or camouflage it so it blends in better with the backdrop.

Take advantage of Colorado’s natural beauty all while protecting your property. Denver fence companies are very familiar with these types of landscaping ideas, it’s worth the extra effort to landscape in a way that appreciates Colorado’s nature all while creating a stunning yard.

 If you can tie the fence planting in with rest of your landscape, it will look like an integral part of the yard as a whole, rather than an afterthought. You can accomplish such unity by employing the landscape design principle of repetition: i.e., if you have some maiden grass, for example, in a nearby bed, “repeat” with it along your fence to create the sense that one bed flows into the other.