Fence Maintenance Tasks for Spring

Springtime is the ideal time for assessing the damage sustained by your property during the winter and to do some thorough cleaning in and around the house, followed by the maintenance work deemed necessary. Fences are essential components of any property and they also need cleaning as well as maintenance, especially if the winter was hard – here are the most important fence maintenance tasks for Denver fence companies for the spring:Denver fence companies

  • Cleaning – a mix of mild soap and warm water is just perfect for removing the impurities from the surface of the fence components. If you have a metal fence, you can scrub off rust and spots of stubborn dirt with a toothbrush. When you are done cleaning the fence, rinse the fence with clean water and let it dry before you move on to the next steps;
  • Repairs – when the fence is clean, perform a thorough inspection to identify any faults that need repair. Bent metal components can be straightened using some heat and a hammer, damaged wood components can be corrected or replaced. If you see extensive rusted areas, apply a special rust-removal product to make sure the surface is entirely rust-free;
  • Waxing or coating – applying a sealant, such as wax in case of wooden fences and other coatings for metal fences is essential for maintaining the fence in good condition.