Fencing Etiquette for You and Your Neighbors – A Few Points to Consider

Fencing etiquette can be extremely important since it determines who will pay for a fence repair job on properties where neighbors are separated by the same fence. In many cases, this is a problem that creates a dispute, since one neighbor might tell the other that the fence is their responsibility, while the other disagrees.

paper chain  in friendly neighborhood

With the help of fencing etiquette, you can solve these types of disputes easily, since this is an etiquette that both neighbors have to agree upon. The first thing to do in this regard is to ensure that your property line matches the property line as it appears in official documents. If you assumed your property line to be closer to the neighbor’s house, then any fencing modifications you may have made will have to be undone.

When you both bought the property from another vendor, it is essential to look into the documentation of the buildings you have purchased to see where the fence belongs. Are you responsible for it or is the neighbor?

It is essential to remember that any action you take to modify the existing fence or build a new one will be dependent on these considerations. When it comes to fencing etiquette, these issues are important, because failure to comply could mean that you end up installing a new fence for nothing.

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