Fencing to Frame Your House

We talk a lot about different types of fencing options and how to maintain them, yet sometimes we need to also look at the design aesthetic of these options during the decision process.

Once you’ve found your perfect home, having focused on the size, space, and location – you may realize you put some aspects of your yard on the back burner. If you’re considering adding a fence, or looking to mark your property line, you can think of a fence as the frame around your picture-perfect haven.


You may want to install a fence for privacy, or to mark an area of your property, and you can achieve the aesthetic you want as well as the functionality you need for your family and property. There are a variety of materials and styles that will suit your taste, needs and budget.

Denver has a rich western history and home design and landscaping can be very distinct here. Installing fences in Denver requires us to look at how it will frame the home or business. We want everything to flow well and smoothly. Adding good aesthetic plus quality functionality creates the look your home needs and one you can be proud of. Read more here about framing your home with your fence.