Fun Things To Do Outside in Westminster, CO This Summer

summer fun
Westminster, CO, offers many opportunities to have fun during the summer. Here are just a few:
The Butterfly Pavilion
If you want to see something unique and very special, go to this pavilion, which is one of the most popular family attractions in Westminster. You can admire 1,200 free-flying butterflies, including some rare species.
Scooter Rental
If you want to take a tour to Denver and even other parts of Colorado, you can rent a scooter. You will get training to operate the scooter comfortably, as well as recommendations of places to see during your trip.
Hammond’s Candies Factory
Do not miss this visiting this factory! It is the heaven of large candy canes in many flavors, chocolate bars and delicious jelly bellies. You can book an organized tour of the factory, see the production process and, in the end, you can buy a nice souvenir like chocolate stirring spoons, magnets and more.
Downtown Aquarium
This awesome place is actually more than an aquarium, as you will have the chance to see not just fishes, but also animals such as cute otters, sloths and more. You will receive guidance from a very knowledgeable and friendly staff and the overall experience will be one of a kind.
Whatever you choose to do this summer, have fun, be safe, and enjoy! And remember to contact Westminster gate installation and fence contractors for all your fencing services.