Garden Landscapes That Work with Your Fence

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Some property owners choose their fence to match the already existing garden, while others create the landscape to match the style of the fence. Whatever you approach, ideally, the fence and the garden work together to create a harmonious space that is functional and is a delight to spend time in. Here are some tips to achieve the goal:

  • Determine the goal of the fence – your fence can delimit the space, it can camouflage your space to protect its privacy, it can add an element of style or it can play all the three roles simultaneously. Chain link fences, for example, serve as space limits, but they hold no aesthetic value, therefore it is a good idea to extend your garden and cover the fence with some climbing vegetation. Wood and stone fences, on the other hand, add style to your garden on their own and they are also great for privacy;
  • Decide on the height – this aspect will determine functionality, privacy as well as the overall style of your outdoor space. Choose the height to match the purpose of the fence – if the fence plays merely an aesthetic role, you can keep it low, but if you need it to provide protection, pick the height based on your needs after consulting with local fence experts at and with local building codes.