Gate Installation in Westminster: How to Choose the Right Material for Your Needs

In building your own home, you want it to be done in a way that highlights the modern and aesthetic components. A  gate that complements the fence, provides the level of protection and privacy you need and is also easy to use is crucial.

In general, the gates are made of metal, wood and, more recently, PVC or composite profiles, but the options are very diverse, to suit all tastes and budgets.

According to leading Westminster gate installation pros, choosing the right material depends on your priorities and preferences.

Metal = Durability

If you want a gate that lasts for decades and gives you the protection you need, then perhaps a metal gate is the right choice. You can choose between many materials – sheet metal, aluminum, wrought iron – each with its functional and aesthetic characteristics.

Wood = Tradition

If your property has a traditional look and you prefer natural materials, you may want to turn to a wooden gate.  Besides their special appearance, gates made of wood have great mechanical strength, are elastic and do not deform over time. In addition, they can also be automated. The only drawback is that a wooden gate will require periodic treatments and maintenance in order to remain in good condition.

PVC and composite materials = Modernity

PVC and composite materials are very popular nowadays, with multiple finishes and textures to suit any property. These gates do not have the vulnerabilities of wooden gates and are also more affordable than metal gates.