Gate Materials: Which One Is Best for Your Home and Budget?

A gate is a key part of your fence. It lets you in and keeps intruders out. It is also the first thing visitors see, so curb appeal is very important. Thankfully, you have a lot of gate materials and styles to choose from, balancing design, safety and pricing properly.

Westminster gate installation

Here is what residential Westminster gate installation contractors know on the topic:

  1. Wood Gate: Stylish and Affordable, but Requiring Constant Care

A classic wood gate complements almost any architectural style. It can be as simple or ornate as you want, and it is affordable, but at a cost. Given the fact that wood is a natural material that attracts various burrowing pests, you need to consider the fact that you have to maintain it. Every few years, it needs to be sanded and have the protection coatings re-applied.

  1. Iron Gate: Strength and Style

If you have a medium to large budget, you can choose anything from a solid iron gate to a stylish wrought iron gate. Made to stand the test of time and impress visitors, an iron gate is one of the best choices if you are interested in making a long-term investment in your house.

  1. Vinyl Gate – Medium Priced and Reliable

With a vinyl gate, you get the strength similar to iron, the ability to match its style to your home design at an above average price. It is definitely more expensive than a wood gate, but not as much as an iron gate. Plus, it needs minimum maintenance and has a long lifespan.