Getting a Strong and Appealing Fence: Should You Consider a Horizontal Fence?

While horizontal Westminster fencing options are typically more expensive than vertical ones, there are a few good reasons for that. First, the fences will require more support, as horizontal boards tend to sag more, so some of the extra cash will go into more materials. Second, the fences look more appealing than a conventional, vertical fence. Third, they might also require additional maintenance over time.

With a beautiful horizontal fence made from materials such as pine, redwood or cedar, you’ll find that your home’s overall curb appeal will be increased a great deal. The unique shape and appearance of the fence will already complement your home’s beautiful appearance, and as an added bonus, there are also more unique design and customization options that you can consider, such as employing an art deco design.

Westminster fencing

Another benefit of a well-made horizontal fence – especially if it has metal posts for better support – is that it lasts longer. Unlike regular vertical posts that will develop rot at their base, horizontal fences will remain strong and healthy for a much longer time. Modern horizontal Westminster fencing will have no problem maintaining its integrity longer and even acting as a good option for a privacy fence for a long time, without the need for constant maintenance.