Getting Your Fence Ready for Fall in Colorado

fall is the best time to repair fences
Whatever material the fence around your Colorado property is made from, it is a good idea to prepare it for the time when temperatures start dropping and the air becomes more humid, especially if you live in area where the first frosts can come unexpectedly early. Here are a few of the things that you should do:
– Cleaning – removing the dust and dirt that has accumulated on your fence is beneficial for the fence material and for you, too, because the process reveals any sign of damage sustained by the fence and makes repairs easier. Just grab a pressure water and give your fence a good wash;
– Inspection – when the fence is clean, inspect it inch by inch to see whether it needs repair;
– Repair – have Westminster fencing pros repair rotten wood, rusty components, and pay attention to the fasteners and to the locks as well;
– Apply coating or stain – if your fence needs a fresh coat of protective coating, stain or paint, this is the best time to do the job. Use sandpaper or a sanding machine to remove any trace of the old coating or stain and apply the new layer only on clean surfaces.