Good Ways to Recycle Your Old Fence

Some materials resulting from demolished old fencing are no use at all, but others are excellent starting points for creative Westminster fencing recycling projects – while masonry or vinyl fences can only be disposed off when they are not needed any more, the wood boards that make up fences can be reused in many ways. Here are some:

  • Building a new fence – be careful when you dismantle your old wood fence, paying attention not to damage the boards that are still healthy. Dispose the old, damaged boards, then clean the healthy ones, cut them to equal pieces and use them to create a new fence in which the boards are placed diagonally or in a triangle shape;
  • Make a door for your shed – the process is essentially the same, but you will need a frame to insert the pieces of board into. You can create insert and use colors for a more attractive or stunning appearance;
  • Build furniture – the old boards from your fence can be used for building furnishing items for your deck or for your patio. You can use them to put together a short-legged table, a bench or other forms of seating and they are great for shelves, too.

Westminster fencing recycling projects - build a table!