Great Ideas for a Privacy Fence

With privacy Thornton fencing you can transform your yard into an outdoor living area, because this type of fence will protect you from unwanted sights from traffic or nearby neighbors. A privacy fence is a really great addition especially for those who live near busy roads and in densely populated areas.

Those who opt for such a solution will be able to enjoy sunbathing in their yard and have fun in the pool without worrying about who might take a peek at them.

privacy Thornton fencing

Privacy Thornton fencing also offers additional benefits including security, safety for pets and children, as well as increased property value. This type of fence is also very durable due to the strength and thickness of the materials used.

There are many styles of privacy fences, from plain to ornate and made of different materials (the most popular being wood and vinyl).

Horizontal planks are very trendy these days, when it comes to privacy fence designs. They are mostly made of whitewashed western red cedar and provide a modern aspect.

Metal fence solutions are also great as privacy fences and, if you look for a tropical touch, you can opt for bamboo fencing that besides privacy will bring your property into the Boho chic territory.