Great Ideas for Landscaping Near Your Office Building

beautiful employee terrace

Many office buildings today are large concrete constructions, with concrete parking lots and storage areas all around. However, if there is a little space where you can create a landscape, you will soon start seeing the benefits – giving your employees a little green area where they can relax will boost their productivity and you can also use the space for serving a cup of coffee to your business partners. Here are some tips for creating a great landscape around the office:

  • Get some large planters – they are great even for areas where there is no soil available for planting and they are also very easy to handle, allowing you to replace your plants whenever you want or to decorate them for the holidays;
  • Create an outdoor seating area – a set of outdoor furniture, complete with a coffee table and some seating is not a big investment, but it will make your employees feel appreciated and will help them become more productive;
  • Add water – a small fountain or a tiny waterfall will add the tranquility and peace that only the sound of water can add to your outdoor seating area and it will also make the outside heat more bearable in summer.

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