History of the Chain Link Fence

playground chain link fence
The chain link is today one of the most common materials used in fences of all kinds, for delimiting residential property as well as for marking the property limits for industrial or commercial facilities. The characteristic diamond-shape pattern made from galvanized or coated steel wire is everywhere nowadays, but how did this great invention come to be and how did it become so popular? Here are some details.
Like so many other ingenious inventions that we use all the time without even thinking of them, chain link mesh is a product of the Industrial Revolution. It was developed in the middle of the 19th century Britain by Charles Barnard, who started mass producing chain link sheets in his own factory in Norwich. The technology was based on the processes used for weaving cloth, only with the linen thread replaced by steel wire. The invention reached the United States in 1891, when the first factory that made chain link mesh was established. The material instantly became the preferred fencing solution for all sorts of applications – the steel mesh is affordable, resistant, durable, flexible, relatively lightweight, easy to install and versatile, features that still make chain link fencing the best pick for short and very long fences alike.
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